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on Sunday, September 1, 2013

‘Washington is an exceptionally easy city for you to overlook where you came from and why you landed up there in the first place ‘.

Washington, D.C., the capital of United States, is officially known as the District of Columbia and generally referred to as Washington, “the District”. This top notch capital has a predictable population of 632,323 in 2012 which makes it the 24th most crowded place in the United States.

It is in the humid subtropical climate region and is always acknowledged as a planned city with great architecture that brings around lots of variations.

To travel to this dream city, the airway is the perfect way to reach there.  This place is served by three special airports which are Washington National Airport, Dulles National Airport and Baltimore-Washington International Airport.  Some airlines may present better prices from one site than the others depending on your destination. You might also find straight flights from one airport and not from the other.

If you come for a month to visit or a week to travel, you don’t have to worry about the accommodation. There are plenty of eye catching hotels like The Jefferson Hotel, the Ritz- Carlton, etc..

Washington is a home to numerous national museums and monuments, which are chiefly located on or around the National Mall which is a big, open park in Washington’s city center located between the Lincoln Memorial and the United States Capitol. Given its importance, the mall is frequently the site of political protests, fairs, concerts and presidential inaugurations. This is a place where you can give a round. You should not miss visiting The White House too as it’s the residence of America’s President.

In order to experience an educational tour, The Smithsonian Institution is the appropriate place that maintains most of the nation’s authorized museums and galleries.

Washington, D.C, is a national center for the arts and also a home to famous theaters. Jefferson Memorial is worth the tour whereas to feel the touch of green in nature. United States Botanic Garden is an excellent place, a proper green spectacle.

You can even take private tours along with your guide’s help to get a smoother vision of Washington D.C or a glitter of adventure. DC Sail is a good option which is Washington DC’s first community sailing program. For the food, you should not miss the DC Metro Food Tours were you’ll come across overwhelming food cuisines. Again, for the sweet tooth people, the DC Metro Chocolate tour is a complete delight! For scrumptious food to melt in your mouth, you can simply travel to the renowned restaurants there like Rasika, Black Salt, Bistro Bis, etc.

When you are travelling, shopping is a must. Union Station, Georgetown and Leesburg Outlet Center are few of the famous shopping spots.

Once you put your feet in Washington D.C, you will immediately realize that it’s a dream coming true. It is an exotic place with a touch of history, technology, nature and dissimilar variations. Travelling there is worthwhile!

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