US, War on Terror, and Syria

on Monday, September 23, 2013

It started with Afghanistan, went on to Iraq, and Syria could be the next victim. What is this all about? Is it really as simple as the chaste act of war on terror? Is it really?
Look at it from this perspective, the terrorists blast the World Trade Center complete with horrific threats for the future of the world, but what happens after that? They stop, they do not do anything else than to bicker on about blowing up America but they don’t. Were they really strong enough to blow two commercial planes right into the heart of US, and not noticed until they have done what they had to? Was the world’s strongest army’s defense so weak that all this happened well before they woke up from their slumber?
Meanwhile, Pakistan gets torn between US’s war and one of their own. Hundreds of suicide attacks make the going tough and US bombards their favorite ally with drones every now and then just to tell them how loved they are. After losing thousands of men because of a war brought onto them by someone else, after being infiltrated with terrorist elements that have been proven to have international support from Mossad, RAW and even CIA itself. After giving virtually all assistance they can; they still get told to do more, and not to complain about the dear old drone attacks!
Moving on, why was Afghanistan raided? Why did Saddam Hussein become unbearable? Why was the WMDs suspected in Iraq? Iraq gets attacked because they have weapons of mass destruction, but what happens when the US and NATO troops have searched the whole area? No, WMDs are found. Then, they announce their departure after rebuilding the country– how convenient.
Why was it that the Arab Spring raised out of nowhere, and suddenly Muammar Gaddafi became the man with the highest bounty on his head? Libya got torn and bombarded; Gaddafi got killed like no human being should be, then a revolution in Egypt followed, Hosni Mubarak got ousted, jailed and Morsi took over. Then suddenly, Morsi got ousted, and Mubarak might go free.

Turkey sees waves of the “enlightened revolution” too, though that is still a work in progress.
Syria gets a fistful of it. Bashar al Assad is a dictator, and he is curbing the living rights of his people, he is damaging peace, so we shall attack his country. Wow, pure genius. You attack a country because the country deserves peace? You want to stop people from being killed by killing people?
The case was weak, so a chemical weapons attack comes out of nowhere. Aha, perfect timing, wasn’t it? Thanks Assad, Obama must have muttered under his breath, but has anyone ever wondered why on earth would he do something like that? Is Assad the same as America’s favorite Bin Laden and his cronies? If he is, I guess he must have changed his personality recently because he is the same person who has been running the country since 2000, and he did well – until US wanted another ‘let’s-play-war-on-terror’ game, or maybe it was because he has opposed Israel all along.
How many of you believe that the western media is all truthful? How many of you believe that they are not in the pockets of those with the right amount to pay? I don’t. I have seen that all along through September 11, 2001 until this day that the facts have been altered, deteriorated, hidden and misrepresented all the time. Talk about the theories behind WTC attack, talk about the missing WMDs, talk about how the media shows Pakistan as a place where barbarian mullahs run free in every street with suicide jackets, blowing off every person who doesn’t follow sharia (Pakistan has a liberal, secular side too, it has people who live the so called “western-modern” lifestyle and we see that every day). I have seen how the media shows Israel as the poor soul whose toys have been stolen, and who is only trying to get them back. I have seen this media representing the freedom fighters of Palestine as terrorists. I have seen this media over look murdered Palestinian mothers and infants when they cover how Israel “deserves” the land it has.
I don’t believe them anymore.
I believe that US would do whatever it takes to reshape the results of the chemical weapons attack, and the media will always show how barbaric the govt is while always avoiding showing how external elements in the rebels are chopping off people’s heads. I am sure that the international community will continue to blackmail Assad’s regime into buckling under pressure and accepting their terms. I am sure that the end result that the US wants is to do the same to Syria what they have done to Afghanistan.
I might be criticized a lot in the comments section, but please do because I want to see who would agree and who wouldn’t.

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