Abu Jar Gifari (Radia Allahu Anhu)

on Thursday, September 12, 2013

He is the man of Gifar tribe. Most of the people of his tribe were very dangerous; They used to kill people and rob their money, and they used to do all sorts of wrong and evil deeds.

Abu Jar wasn’t different from his tribe, he was one of those dangerous men, but one day he felt a radical change in himself; he commenced to search for the truth. He was bored and upset from the haphazard life he used to lead. He used to worship many gods, then he realized that this can’t be the truth, there can’t be numerous God, rather the God should be the One, then he started worshipping one God. He even started praying Salat.

His tribe men asked him what he was doing, he answered that he was praying to Allah. One day he was told that, in Mecca there was a man who believe in oneness of God like him. Abu Jar Gifari sent his brother Anis to Mecca to get news about this man. His brother went there and saw everything and got back to his tribe and informed Abu Jar that he was an honest man, not a magician; a man of a great character, he invited others to his religion. Anis said many things about him which made Abu Jar thirstier.

Then Abu Jar Gifari himself came to Mecca leaving his family to his brother. When he went to Mecca, he was afraid to tell about his intention to anybody. When nights commenced, he intended to stay beside Masjidul Haram. Meantime, Hazrat Ali was passing through the way. He saw Abu Jar Gifari, so he took him and let him stay in his house.

In the morning, Abu Jar left his house, he went to Masjidul Haram and stayed there till night, but he could not get any news of Muhammad (SM). When he Abu Jar Gifari lied down beside the Masjid Ul Haram, Ali was going through the road and saw Abu Jar and took him to his house. Next morning, he left Ali’s house, and came back to Masjidul haram and stayed till night.

That night also, Ali was passing the place and met him, then he asked him about his purpose. He answered that he heard about the prophet of Mecca and that he came to meet him.

Ali became very glad, and he described everything about Muhammad (SM). He took Abu Jar to Muhammad (SM). Abu Jar Gifari went to the prophet and gave him salam: “Assalamu Alikum ya Rasul Allah”, then he turned into muslim.

He was so devoted that after his Islam, he couldn’t conceal his Iman, rather he went to Masjidul Haram near some kafirs and declared his Islam. The kafirs got agitated and beaten him hard, then Abbas came to save him. After some days, he went to his tribe and did the Tabligh and converted many people into Muslims.

Abu Jar Gifari was the true worrier of light. May Allah Dignify his respect and reward him the best.

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