Islam on Early Marriages- Defend your Imaan!

on Thursday, September 19, 2013

The implementation of wedding ceremony and traditions has been given incredible importance in Islam. In some cases, getting married is highly recommended, but in extreme cases wherein there’s a chance of adultery and any other unlawful activity, it becomes mandatory and a religious duty. In this article, you will explore the importance of early marriages in Islam in the light of Quranic verses and Hadiths.

Almighty Allah has already explained in Quran, when humans grow physically, certain hormonal changes occur due to which sexual desire develops in them, and both male and female start getting attracted to each other. Also, scientific studies have shown that this attraction gradually changes into some kind of psychological pressure and these emotions slowly seek comfort and pleasure in whatever form available. As human beings get matured, they start deviating from the right path and indulging in some immoral activities and sins. Before they become victims of undesired habits, Islam strictly emphasis upon early marriages, so they are settled down in the most legal way possible.

This rule is more applicable on women. Messenger of Allah and Imams have thoroughly explained through their teachings that it is the major responsibility of every father to ensure that her daughter get settled in a proper way as soon as possible.  We can observe these teachings in a number of Hadiths, our Holy Prophet once said:

It is truly a blessing for a man that her daughter does not menstruate in his home.”

Moreover, Islam also explains that Allah has bestowed women with more sexual desire than men, and this urge should be satisfied at an earlier stage. She does not commit any kind of harmful or sinful activity at a young age. It’s because when girls are young they are easily influenced by this strong force and are compelled to fall into sins more frequently. Here, the father plays an essential role. Being a guardian, he needs to take a prompt and effective decision by using his experience to help her daughter find a proper spouse. If a father is unable to do this at the right age, the sin will be on him. Imam Al- Sadiq said:

“All women have been blessed with ninety percent of desire; however, Allah has placed modesty over them.”

Who is Eligible for Marriage in Islam?

For man to start a married life and become eligible for such a big contract, Islam has several recommendations. According to our Islamic teachings, when a boy reaches an age of fifteen or sixteen, or becomes sexually strong, he is termed as ‘Baligh’, but this is not sufficient to bind in this settlement. Apart from puberty, Islam emphasizes more upon mental maturity and sensibility, then physical maturity. This law is known as ‘Rushd’. Islam says that, before a girl and boy get married, a husband should act as Rashid and a wife should appear as Rashida, so they are mature enough to accomplish their responsibilities in a better way.

From above discussions, we can conclude that Islam strongly prefer early marriages and those who think are not capable of bearing expenses of a family are suggested to recline their faith in Allah since He is the Giver of Rizq/Sustenance. Go for early marriages and build a prosperous Islamic society!

“Those believers, who marry protect half of their Imaan from danger.”

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