Japanese Woman’s Experience Of Hijab

on Saturday, September 21, 2013

Darul Ihsan explains it better in his site; still an attempt is made here towards explaining the idea to the best potential. Japan is basically a nation where you cannot find so many Muslims out there. There are very few Muslims in this part of the world. The policies of the Japanese government don’t give any encouragement to those Muslims to get the nationality out here in Japan. You cannot see big politicians and higher officials from Japan visiting the Muslim countries. The same with the Arab nations too, as they do not prefer to visit Japan on official grounds too often.

A kind of aversion that is indirectly felt by the Japanese towards the Muslim community is quite obvious to the whole world. It is because of one simple fact that favorites cannot be identified quite easily as there might be quite a lot, while dispersions could be significantly noticed on a big scale. From that perspective if you see the Japanese approach towards the Hijab, certainly yes, it is not going to be on the encouraging side though. Most westerners have already talked a lot about this simple act of women wearing a Hijab.

There is nothing wrong in hiding your countenance to be stared by men out there. It is a matter of protection and comfort to the ladies in special. When their religion insists on that particular style, and they are very ready to observe the practice, then what is wrong with the others to criticize about that? When the highest grade officers and the Japanese governmental officials are not interested too much in the Muslims, they are not keeping away from visiting the Muslim countries when they want to make bilateral talks for oil import. When they need something from a person you talk to them.

When you are not dependent otherwise, then you dump them; that is not the way of approach that can be tolerated by any society. Japanese should actually change their style though.

Japanese woman’s experience of wearing a Hijab was quite fabulous something to explain. The Spiritual part of it is something else that could be understood only by the true believers of Islam. Other than that, while wearing the Hijab, she feels confident, secure, pure and pious. It is all about discipline. When you allow men to stare at you and admire your features while engaging in a conversation with them, it is certainly going to kindle their thoughts for sure.

If there is not any attraction even from deep within, even after a lengthy conversation with an attractive woman of such a kind without wearing Hijab, then it could be a strange case otherwise. Hence, in order not to be causing trouble to the society in that way, not to be tempting the men around, and to establish the brotherhood and sisterhood commonly in the society, wearing the Hijab is a nice practice that is in observance amidst the Muslims from quite a long time now. It is left to them to follow or not while no one could compel them to do or not to do so.

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