Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib Radiallahu Anhu

on Friday, September 27, 2013

His name is Ali. His title is Asadullah (Lion of Allah), Haydar and Murtaza. His kunyat is Abul hasan and Abu turab. The name of his father is Abu Talib. He was the cousin of Muhammad (SM). He was born ten years before Rasulullah’s nobuat. His birth year was 600. The financial state of Abu talib wasn’t that stable. Abu talib was in freaky situation as his income was little, but his family was a big one. Muhammad (SM) took the responsibility of Ali Radia Allahu Anhu to help Abu Talib. Hazrat Ali was an intellectual boy. He proved his talent and honesty in every field of life.

He was the first child who became Muslim. When he became Muslim, he was only 9 to 11. One day, he entered the house of Muhammad (SM) and saw Muhammad and khadija praying. Ali was greatly surprised watching them in such state. Then he asked them what they were doing. Then they told him that they were praying to Allah. Then they invited him in Islam. Hazrat Ali became Muslim without even questioning.

In the 3rd year of Nobuat, Rasulullah invited some people of Makkah in his house. Rasulullah instructed Ali the responsibility of hospitality. Then Rasulullah (PBUH) said that I have brought such a thing from Allah which is beneficial for both here and hereafter. He asked the guests to be his associate. The guests remained silent. Then Hazrat Ali spoke out for the first, he said “though I am a little boy, having problems of eyes, weak, nevertheless I will assist you.”

He didn’t leave makkah during Hijrat as the messenger of Allah ordered him to stay there. Ali stayed in Rasulullah’s room in the night of hijra. Though there was a terrible possibility of death in staying there but, he felt respectful to be in rasulullah’s room. He stayed in makkah to return the moneys to the people which were kept to Hazrat Muhammad (SM) for safety.

Hazrat Ali was one of those ten men who were given the good news of heaven. They are called “Ashare Mubasharah”. He was the husband of Fatma; the daughter of Allah’s Messenger. Fatma is the queen of all women in heaven. He was a greatly lucky man. He was a wise man too. Allah’s messenger said about his knowledge. He said I am the city of knowledge, and Ali is its gateway. He participated in all wars of Islam.

He is called the Lion of Allah. He is the proud father of Hazrat Hasan and Hussain (Radiallahu Anhum). He was the fourth Khalifa of Islam. He became the Khalifa after the assassin of Usman. He had been busy in fighting with Muslim revolts throughout his khelafat.

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