Is Social Media Playing its Role to Create Peace among Different Religions?

on Sunday, September 8, 2013

The World has become a global village because of its new innovations and technology. It has shortened the distance between far away people. It has brought people closer to each other. Credit goes to the technological advancement especially with the introduction of the internet. With the emergence of Social Media websites on the internet, people can chat, share pictures and videos with friends and family.

Social Media is playing its significant role in different aspects of life. It is doing a great job in promoting peace among different sects of the world. Now days, the follower of every religion has his pages on different Social Media to spread awareness among people. A few years back, cassettes and CDs were the only source for listening the debates and lectures of the Scholars. Everyone uses to listen it while walking, driving and laying. In the beginning age of the internet, people were not familiar with it, they don’t know about Social Media networks and its uses, but now, with awareness and advancement in every field of life, people get used to the latest apps and devices to use it for their betterment.

People from all parts of the world get connected to the internet and different Social Media websites. As you know that, everything has its two aspects, positive and negative. We can’t deny the importance of Social Media, it is playing its part in a positive aspect, but we can’t neglect its negative impact on a different religions. If you are using the internet and registered on different Social Media websites, then you must have seen different Islamic pages and groups. You might have read the comments of various people belonging to different schools of thoughts and religions. They are sharing the teachings of Islam, spreading the message of Islam about how to spend your life with accordance to Islam.

How Social Media has snatched the peace of mind of different religion!! The first thing that I have seen is that Social Media is now promoting racism and sectarianism. There are a lot of sects in Islam, people of one sect is not ready to accept another, so they want to create anarchy among people about religion, how? The answer is very simple and clear, people on different Social Media don’t have any proper knowledge of Islam, and don’t even know the basics, but they are still trying to divert different religion from the right path. People with low faith easily misguided and start preaching other religion.

The other most sensitive issue that I want to raise in the negative side of Social Media is that people are losing their patience and courtesy. When they see anything bad about their religion they start fighting on the spot and use abusive language for the opposite and start saying bad things about their religion. This is very ridiculous because Islam teaches us tolerance and gives us messages of peace, harmony and respect. When you do not respect people, no one will respect you afterwards.

The conclusion is that we can’t say that Social Media is playing a peaceful role in conveying the message of different religions. It is not the mistake of Social Media, it is our mistake because we can use it for progressive and peaceful purposes, but some evil minds are exploiting it.

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