The Muslims and the West Relations After 12 Years from The 9\11 Attacks

on Friday, September 13, 2013

9/ 11 attacks can be considered as one of the major world events. Ever since then, the term ‘terrorism’ has been so popularly used, and 9/10 is used for Muslims. After the September 11 attacks, the reputation of Muslims became very tainted. This labeling of Muslims as terrorists has been so severe that even after so many years; we have not been able to get rid of this label.

Even after all this time has passed since the incident, we cannot really pass a final verdict on the relationship between the West and Islam. It is a very sensitive issue and needs to be dissected from all possible angles. After the September 11 attacks, Muslims from all over the world were considered as terrorists and had to go through a number of difficulties. Those Muslims who were already living in the West had the worst part of it. They were looked down upon, everywhere they went they were met with a very condescending attitude and some of the Muslims living in the West had to face life threatening attacks. However, today, the situation is a lot less severe, but still that judgmental attitude against Muslims has not entirely been dropped.

The relationship between the West and Islam has improved slightly because if not all, then many of those belonging to the West now understand that both the Muslims and their religion Islam, condemn killing of innocent people. It is a religion which values human life and strictly rejects killing people, just like that. So much so, that in Islam even if you kill one innocent person, that would be equivalent to killing all of humanity!

The immigrants which left their homeland so that they could go for a better living, in the West, had their own share of problems. Basically, this entire event was of such magnitude that it made Muslims look very bad in the eyes of all. However, like mentioned earlier, the relationship between West and Islam has definitely become better. People become less hostile towards Muslims, with both their words and actions, but a little prejudice is still there somewhere.

This prejudice, to a great extent, can be attributed to the role played by the media. It exploits Muslims and plays a very important role in elaborating their reputation as terrorists. It is my personal opinion that this prejudice can only be fully taken care of if the people of the West themselves make it a point that they get to know a specific religion and its followers before they go around throwing random accusations. They need not to believe and follow everything blindly, which they are shown by the media.

Islam is a peace loving religion. It does not treat anybody differently on the basis of race, culture, status, creed, etc. It is a religion which preaches equality and justice for all. Muslims are kind hearted people and would never want to kill anybody, no matter what part of the country they belong to, just like that.

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