Alcoholic Liquor: Prohibition and Wisdom Behind

on Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Islam’s all-encompassing approach to health and well-being implies that anything that is hurtful or for the most part destructive is forbidden. Therefore, Islam takes an uncompromising stand towards alcohol and forbids its utilization in either modest or extensive amounts. Alcohol is undoubtedly hurtful and antagonistically influences the brain and the biological systems. It mists the psyche, causes illness, squanders cash, and annihilates people, families, and groups. Researchers have demonstrated that there is an in-number connection between alcohol and betting. Drinking disables judgment, brings down hindrance, and heartens the sort of danger taking included in betting and unsafe exercises. God lets us know in the Quran that intoxicants and betting are cursed things from Satan and demands us to escape them. (Quran 5: 90)

In Australia, a nation with a populace of around 20 millions, in the vicinity of 3000 individuals pass on every year from alcohol misuse while 65,000 others are hospitalized. Studies have reliably uncovered a connection between substantial drinking and mind harm; around 2500 Australians are treated yearly for alcohol identified cerebrum harm. Research in the United Kingdom shows that 6% of growth passings are identified with alcohol misuse, and Harvard Centre for Cancer Prevention says that drinking significantly expands the danger for various diseases. Alcohol is recognized quite cancer-causing, escalating the danger of mouth, esophagus, larynx, liver, pharynx, and bosom tumors. Drinking alcohol throughout pregnancy can expedite Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, making the kid minor at conception, have some facial distortions, little eye openings, webbed or indeed, missing fingers or toes, organ deformations, studying handicaps, mental impediment and significantly more.

Specialists in Australia have evaluated that 47% of every one of the aforementioned who carry out vicious unlawful acts, and 43% of all casualties of these unlawful acts were intoxicated before the occasion. Alcohol is blamable for 44% of fiery breakout damages, 34% of falls and drowning, 30% of pile ups, 16% of youngster misuse examples, and 7% of streamlined mishaps. However, it is clear that alcohol is answerable for incredible numerous shades of malice it is lawful, and even supported in generally social orders. In Muslim nations where alcohol is forbidden, numerous individuals still find it troublesome to oppose enticement and fall prey to the malady that is alcoholism. Amazingly even in the light of such startling proof against alcohol, individuals around the globe press on to devour alcohol in steadily expanding measures. Why?

Alcohol is one of the devices Satan uses to occupy humanity from the love of God. God states obviously in Quran that Satan is an open foe towards mankind yet by drinking alcohol, we welcome Satan into our lives and make it simple for him to divert us from our genuine reason in life to worship God.
“Unquestionably, Satan is an adversary to you, so treat him as a foe. He just welcomes his supporters that they might turn into the tenants of the bursting Fire.” (Quran 35:6)

Alcohol influences the psyche and makes corrupt conduct and insidious activities reasonable appearing. It makes ill will and contempt between individuals, averts them from recalling God and diverts them from supplicating, and calls them to take part in unlawful sexual relationships. Alcohol creates disgrace, lament, and disfavor, and renders the consumer witless. It expedites the exposure of insider facts and presentation of issues.

“Satan needs just to energize animosity and scorn between you with intoxicants (alcoholic beverages) and betting, and block you from the recognition of God and from the petition to God. So, will you not then go without?” (Quran 5:91).

In pre-islamic Arabia, alcohol utilization was far reaching. To kill this cruel enemy, God in His benevolence uncovered the prohibition in stages. First, He made it clear to them that the mischief of drinking alcohol is more excellent than its profit; next He advised the Muslims not to pray to God while inebriated and at long last, He uncovered a verse completely prohibiting alcohol.

“O you who accept! Intoxicants (different varieties of alcoholic beverages), betting, misguided admiration, and jumping bolts are a plague of Satan’s craftsmanship. So stay away from that so you may be solid.” (Quran 5: 90)

When this was revealed to the Muslim residents of Medina promptly, started to devastate and unfilled their alcohol containers into the road. Even the individuals who were guiltlessly appreciating measures of wine spat the alcohol from their mouths. It is said that the lanes of Medina ran with alcohol. Why then right so challenging to cancel this insidious in the 21st century? Today, believers should totally trust God, in the same way that the first Muslims trusted God and comprehended that He was their main Protector and Provider. All power and quality hail from God, and a scourge like alcohol might be annihilated just when those influenced by alcohol turn to God with complete accommodation.

The Quran is a book of direction sent to all mankind. It is a set of directions from the Creator for His creation. If we take after these guidelines, our lives will be simple and serene, even notwithstanding catastrophe and setback. God links alcohol and betting to misguided admiration and pronounces it soiled and malicious; in any case, He is tolerant and liberal towards the devotees and recognizes the force of addiction.

Islam is dedicated to empowering and expediting individuals who wish to apologize from wickedness doing and evil conduct. God acknowledges contrition from individuals who are genuinely sad for their movements and submitted to staying far from sin. Muslim groups don’t ostracize individuals who have committed errors, keep them inside the fold of Islam swaying them to look for the closeness to God that will permit them to leave corrupt conduct. Friends, family, and neighbors don’t just look away while an individual devours himself or his children and wife. Islam is a religion of community. There is no spot for a single person to do what he wish to do, provided that it harms others. Alcohol ill-use influences the alcoholic, as well as, his or her family, and group. There is hidden wisdom in prohibiting Alcohol.

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