Is Sharukh Khan a Muslim?

on Monday, September 16, 2013

Before even saying yes, let us see some interesting facts about his paternal and maternal roots. By the end of the explanation, you will be able to make out what religion is his, or even still might not too. Yes, to put it very simple, his father is from afghan origin and a true Muslim. Whereas his mother is an adopted child of a Muslim soldier who was part of the Rajput front those days. Now, the mother’s actual religion is unknown, as a first point to note down here. Second aspect, what would you call to be his religion if his mother is of different religious background? Whatever or however you assume it, he is a true believer and follower of the Islam religion.

He accepts the fact that he is partly afghan, partly from South part of India that is Hyderabad as it is his mother’s origin, and also, partly from North part of India that is Kashmir as his grandmother’s roots are from there. Hence, you cannot say precisely under what category you could fit him in. He embraced Islam in all his life, and his wife is a Hindu now too. Hence, it is quite obvious that he has equivalent respect for all religions regardless of whether it is Islam or not. In fact, it is speculated that there is Quran kept amidst the Hindu deities in his residential prayer room. While following Islam as his main religion all now, he always showed true and genuine interests towards national solidarity.

His father was a Pakistani, but yet he has strong patriotic feelings though which is quite evident in very many ways in all these years. Of course, he had a great comradeship with his father too. His paternal relations are quite plenty of people still living in Pakistan. He has a great fan base in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and even in many other Arab countries too. International fan base is always there for this king of Bollywood, irrespective of whatever religion that he believes in. His ideas are impressive, his style is admirable, and his life itself could be a role model for so many young aspirants. He has achieved tremendous feats in his career so far, and he is still active to succeed big time yet.

He is a hard worker, avid reader and a great husband for his wife in special. He is said to be so loveable enough to his wife and 3 children. Islam is all about spreading true love to the human beings all over the world and leading a disciplined life style without causing harm to any other fellow human beings. Even while killing an animal for food, they are taught to do it with extreme naive so that the operation is rendered with a great deal of care in a special form called as HALAL. Killing the animal in that way by slicing the throat arena has special reasons. Pain is felt least by the animal during the course of death. All impure blood is shed out of the animal to make it better to be edible enough to the consumer. A true believer of such an impressive religion Islam, Sharukh Khan is to be appreciated for his several traits.

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