Muslims of the Middle East are Racist, Brutal and Cruel even for Muslims!!!

on Saturday, September 14, 2013

The true teachings of Islam or any other religion is that it is in existence until now quite popularly, it is not teaching people to kill the fellow beings. None of the true religions will teach the human beings to sabotage, conspire and eradicate a community altogether. Brotherhood is taught in almost all the religions. One love is the universal concept of acceptance since the way 1960s.

Discrimination cannot be tolerated to any particular social race, community, caste or creed, in the civilized lifestyle of the present day. Under the circumstances, still even today when nations boast about their nuclear powered arsenal, and show their readiness to wage war against the other countries, it is quite pathetic. It shows their true inferior values, morale and least understanding about their purpose of existence in earth.

All that is needed in the hour is an enlightened awakening. Preaching is necessary. People should be made to understand about their own strengths and weaknesses. Men and women should start to realize the importance of every single life that exists. Still, how is far it feasible? Who is ready to hear? Who is ready to bring in a positive change, instead of taking it as an eye for an eye? Who do not want to show their dominance amidst the others? Answers to all these questions will bring in the ideal solutions as it is needed for the hour.

You cannot generalize your opinion about the Muslims of the Middle East to be of the ill fashioned. Evil minded people are there in every other society. Sowing the evil thoughts in the young minds is more than killing the individual. It is what that is being done in the terrorism groups of the most kind.

Young fellows are more likely to tend to get carried away by emotions. Along with the demands, they are taken for a complete ride by the elderly selfish minded cowards. They utilize the poor and insane young ones for their own personal benefits, in the name of Islam and independence. Lots of tactics of the novel kind are used in the approach.
The World nations should group together for a world conference to be held like the ones that were once held right after the first and second world wars. It is proactive to conduct a meeting ahead of the third world war outbreak, instead of conducting meetings after the mishaps. G20, common wealth, and so on, there are separate groups of nations that conduct meetings to exchange views and for multilateral talks. There should be a complete group meeting involving all the world nations, to discuss, analyse and resolve issues.

None of the nations should be suppressed. None of the nations should dominate. No one has the right to poke into other one’s business. No one should be ill-treated anywhere. If everything is discussed and proper communication is maintained in all channels at all levels, then the bloodshed could be avoided. No one wants to die for no reason. Put yourselves in the shoes of the jawans and soldiers that fight for your nation, as well as, for the so-called enemy’s nation too. You will start to come up fresh solutions.

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