Is the President of America Muslim?

on Thursday, September 26, 2013

For some time, there has been a rumor regulating around America’s current President, Barack Obama, according to which it is said that he is a Muslim. He has a Kenyan father while his mother is an American.

It is believed that Obama’s father, Senator Obama was a Muslim, but then some say that he had abandoned Islam before he met Obama’s mother. After that, he became a pretty skeptic person, more of an atheist. Obama’s stepfather who goes by the name of Lolo Soetoro was a Muslim, but not a very devoted one. He did not place much importance on religion.

Obama’s grandfather was a Christian until he accepted Islam while he was still a young man, and then added the ‘Hussein’ to his name. Obama’s father inherited Hussein from him, and later Obama himself has Hussein as his middle name, Barack Hussein Obama.

Many people believe that Obama is a closet Muslim. Even in Hillary Clinton’s camp started circulating a photo of Obama in which he could be seen wearing a traditional Somali (Muslim) costume when he visited Kenya in 2006. However, it was made clear that Obama only wore the traditional Somali costume as a sign of respect to his hosts who has brought him clothes as gifts.

Nothing can be said for sure as to the fact that if he is really a Muslim or not. I feel that he is not. Just the fact alone that he has ‘Hussein’ as his middle name is not an evidence for him to be declared as a Muslim, or a follower of Islam. His father may have been a Muslim and his grandfather may be a Muslim as well, but Obama himself has not passed any statement yet which would make us think of him as a Muslim.

However, if we look at this from the Islamic tradition, any child who is born to a Muslim father automatically becomes a Muslim. If Obama’s father was a Muslim, then consequently that would make Obama a Muslim, as well. However, Obama himself has denied that he is a Muslim, in his Obama campaign, but that rejection if looked from this point of view, is not 100% genuine.

As far as his lifestyle is concerned, we cannot say that it is an Islamic way of life.  Moreover, let us just suppose that if he is a Muslim, then Americans are already anti-Muslims, they would simply not tolerate if their President would turn out to be a follower of Islam. They would naturally think that he is misleading the Americans, and he should be gotten rid of as soon as possible. Americans stereotype Muslims and think of them in the most negative way possible. They think that we are terrorists, and that Islam is a religion which promotes hatred and violence.

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