Never Give Up On Hope – by Martin Luther King

on Sunday, September 15, 2013

In this article, we will take you through the history of Martin Luther King who was one of the supreme demonstrators for the sovereignty in the old times of our country.

Before five years, an American man signed the liberation announcement. The most historical verdict came as an amazing inspiration of hopes to more than thousands of Negro servants who have been parched in the blazes of disdainful discrimination. It was a blissful day for Negro slaves as their days of imprisonment were getting over.

However, after hundred years Negroes have not got their freedom yet. After 100 years, the lives of the Negroes have been unhappily crippled by chains of isolation and the manacles of inequity, the Negroes are still suffering in the American culture, and they find themselves lost on their own earth.

At the time when the national engineers wrote these wonderful words of the establishment and announcement of freedom, they were busy signing a note to which each American was to plunge as a recipient. This memorandum was actually a promise to the white and black men that they would be assured all the human rights & freedom, and they can pursue all the pleasures. It is clear nowadays that America has evaded on this memorandum when it comes to the color of the residents. Instead of paying tribute to this responsibility, America has provided Negroes awful check that has come back blotted with inadequate finances.

We decline to consider that the bank of honesty is insolvent. We completely decline to consider that there are inadequate finances in the tomb of prospects of this country. Therefore, we have to approach to hark back America of the ferocious needs of today. This is not the time to slot in comfort of chilling off, it is time to give genuine assurance of equality. The time has now come when we should get integrity from national prejudice. In actual case, 1963 year is not a stop but a commencement. There will be no relaxing nor any sort of calmness in America till the Negroes will get their residency privileges, but for the people who are standing on the doorstep that guides into the fort of integrity, there is something to believe. They shouldn’t feel culpable of all the unlawful actions that they have taken. They have to understand that their liberty is inextricably vault to the sovereignty.

We have to keep in mind that when we walk, we have to only move ahead and not turn back. When people ask the devotees of civil rights that when they will be satisfied, the answer is that we can never be satisfied until the Negro is the prey of police brutality, and cannot even lodge a motel when they are tired. We can also not be satisfied until our children are left undignified by the signs saying “for whites only”. We are not satisfied until the Negro in Mississippi cannot vote for Negro in New York. We will not be satisfied as long as justice will roll down like water and righteous like a strong stream.

I am aware that many of you here have come out of terrible trials and troubles. Some have come from jail cells while some have come from parts where your search for freedom left you tattered by storms of harassment and staggered by blows of police brutality. Being the people of suffering continue working with faith with the quest for justice.

You can go back to Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia or the slums of north cities hoping the situation to change.

We should not stagger in despair. I can say with a ray of light that even with today’s difficulties, we can still have a dream that goes deep as the American dream.

I have a vision that someday this country will live the exact sense of the belief: “We grasp these facts to be self-evident, so as to all people on earth are created to be equal.” It is visualized that someday our children will breathe in the country that does not judge a person through the skin color, but with the depth of their qualities.

With this hope, I go back to the South. This faith will give you hope among the despairs that follows. With this hope, we can change the discord that we have in our country to deep brotherhood. Holding on to this fate will let you work, pray and struggle together and stand up for freedom together hoping that we will be free someday.

Let the freedom come from all across the country and give you hope. When the freedom rings we will be able to live as God’s children: white men and black men, Gentiles and Jews, Catholics or Protestants.

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