World Gratitude Day

on Saturday, September 21, 2013

The World Gratitude Day is observed every 21st of September each year. It was started by the United Nations in 1977 to give people a chance to observe and celebrate those petite things that make them happy.  On this day, you have the opportunity to celebrate your very being, your zeal and passions, your friends, relatives and family, heroes and heroines in your locality, your colleagues and everyone that is close to you both physically and emotionally. On this day, you get the chance to celebrate all those modest and most important things that bring joy and happiness while coloring your life with all the beauty and splendor. Different people have different ways through which they celebrate this day. What do you do, and how do you convey gratitude to others?

Ways to express gratitude

Expressing gratitude and embracing the same in your life is not only good for your emotional well-being, but also for your physical development and success. Here are some of the ways you should express gratitude in your life:

  • Taking life challenges as opportunities to learn and develop rather than obstacles to stop or derail you from achieving your life goals:
    Life challenges can make you feel lonely, defeated, sorrowful, down-hearted and disillusioned. Taking these challenges for what they are and dealing with them in totality lets you come out victorious and successful. Embrace gratitude such that you will be grateful to know that these are just ways to make you sharper and perfect.
  • Appreciate good qualities in other people:
    You should delve into the good qualities of the people around you rather than negative ones. This will make the relationship with people around you to be great and be grateful that you appreciate the good qualities that they possess.
  • Donating:
    This does not include only donating money. Other perfect ways to show gratitude is by donating your time. You can do this in homeless or children and orphan homes and shelters. Helping and caring for others is deeply gratifying and comforting.
  • Gifts and other surprise gestures:
    You can give someone you love or like a gift, a hand-written thank you or love note, help in some activity or spending time doing what he or she likes.
  •  You can also list down those things that make you grand, and those that make others around you happy:
    Update the list every time together with other challenges and how to best overcome them.

Shower your life with gratitude this day, and all the days of your life. Remember to make others happy too. One gratitude gesture goes a long way in making the world a better place to live in for all of us.

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