Married Couples and their Public Displays of Affection

on Sunday, September 8, 2013

Marriage is a sacred bond of sorts between two people who vow to love and support each other through thick and thin, the ups and downs of life. The husband and wife obviously love each other. Should they be expressing their love out in the open for the rest of the world to see it as well? That is a pretty debatable question.

If you are married, it does not give you the license to go overboard with your public displays of affection. You need to remember that you are out in public where there are people around you who can see whatever you are doing. They may raise their eyebrows at you or even feel repulsive.

Sometimes, expressing your love for someone in public can be sweet too. It all depends on what you are doing to express that love. Most girls would want guys to get on their knees and propose to them, but if we talk specifically about couples who are married and they want to show their love out in public, that can again vary from couple to couple. I would feel nice if my husband would bring me flowers or hold my hand, but anything more than that would just make me feel uncomfortable.

I would rather not make a spectacle out of myself and my husband, and make a show for the public to see and enjoy. I would like it if he would praise me in front of other people, or bring me flowers, and I would appreciate if he would keep it till there only. I know a lot of married couples who feel that looking out for each other in public is also a way of showing love and care towards their spouses. For example, if your wife stumbles and is about to fall, then you hold her and support her, that would be a good enough gesture to show your love and concern for her.

So it depends on the couples that to what extent are they comfortable in expressing their love for each other out in the public. Some might be more comfortable with it than others. Some would like to express their love in the privacy of their own home. It is all about preferences and whatever couples are most comfortable with.

If you are married or about to get married, remember that it does not always mean that unless you express your love for your spouse out in the public, it means that you do not love him. That is a very silly thing to do. Similarly, every once in a while, praising your husband in front of guests, or complimenting your wife in front of other people can be a very good thing to do. It shows that you acknowledge whatever your partner does for you and you are not afraid to admit it in the open.

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