UK Nationals Doubt that Islam is Taking Over Their Country

on Friday, September 20, 2013

Right after Christianity, Islam stands to be the world’s second largest religion with 1.62 billion believers. According to an estimate based on analysis in year 2010, 23 percent of the entire population constitutes of Muslims. Non-believers predict that if Islam will follow the same pace of spreading around the world, it will become largest religion by year 2050. Having the doubts considering the population trends and converts, the world is partly in denial. However, the fact remains there that Muslim population in London is actually the largest amongst many other major cities of Europe.
Analyzing the situation in bits and pieces and further looking at the information in totality, it won’t be wrong to say that Islam is an influential religion. This statement is not merely based on teachings of the holy religion only, but also the response of non-Muslims when we see them converting to Islam. The high values and morals in “Islam” is indeed an attractive cradle to seek shelter in it. Looking back at previous events in the United Kingdom, it is quite evident that women are drawn more towards Islam for perhaps they don’t find security that feminine nature demands for in a society. The case is more likely to be seen in working women where they are in direct interaction with their workmates and the rest of the society. Lauren Booth, Tony Blair’s sister in law is one such example, and is indeed a surprise convert. Amongst others is Kristiane Backer, who was London-based former MTV presenter, has now turned her back on her past life, and instead she has embraced Islam. Our world is full of such examples.
An annual growth rate of Islam believers in UK has been recorded 6.7 percent since year 2004. It is considerably increasing every year. In addition to the ones who are embracing Islam, the child birth rate of Muslim families is quite evidently higher than the native British people. For a sustainable community, every female should have 2.1 total fertility rates which is not the case there as European birth rate has dropped naturally. However, Europeans consider it the main goal of Muslims to produce more offspring and dominate the natives by being more in number.
Essentially, the decline in the local population of United Kingdom is alarming for them as it is a threat to their identity and existence for they consider Muslims rising 10 percent faster than the rest of the society. Demographic forecasting also reveals that increased European deathbed demography has been recorded in comparison with Muslims resident there. Further considering child birth rate of Muslims in Europe, we can state that decline in one population and increase in other population will apparently end up in dominance of the increasing one. Significant changes are most likely to happen as a result of this cultural transformation as a result of Muslim majority. One major thing happened in the recent years is the addition of Islamic history in the British education by British education secretary Michael Gove. Soon, the entire scenario will be changed, and the values will be shifted as per predictions. In fact, the society, its structure, its architecture will be changed altogether.
In light of the prevailing conditions, such rapid spread of Islam and its acceptance by majority, anti Muslim leagues started being formed which as their mission want to stop the spread of Islam. English Defense League is one such anti-Islamism and anti-shariah movement which, as a mean of fighting the fact, opposes the popularity and spread of holy religion. English defense league is called as Islamophobic community of people who are scared of their “would be” recessive status. Tommy Robinson is leader of this group of people who are against Islam and started a movement against it. Think tank demos provide a rough estimate that EDL has around 35,000 active members who take part in street demonstrations, make attempts to influence public and turn them against Muslims, however, government has tagged the group as extremist and terrible, and that they would be banned soon.
In light of all evident existing scenarios, the fact cannot be changed or attempted to be changed that dominance of Muslims in European world is a threat for the locals as they perceive it, however, acceptance or denial is more or less psychological. I do not say that nothing like this will happen, but I surely believe that if it does, it won’t turn UK into what EDL thinks it will – Islam is there in Turkey too! If Islam provides high social values and character definition, then no league can stop the truth to dominate. Fate will be carved out, and will come on a scene soon.

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