Attack On Syria – A Terrorism Threat, Putin Appeals

on Friday, September 13, 2013

After the recent events happened in Syria, the Russian president Vladimir Putin directly appealed to the people and politicians of USA to stop or refuse military strikes on Syria. He wrote an article in the New York Times in appealing for Syria. He also added that this step will lead to the spread of terrorism’s disaster in Syria that would be impossible to stop if initiate.  

“There were very few people, or we can say the democratic champions, were involved in the 2 ½ years old Syrian war, and it was not difficult to stop them, but now there are infinite numbers of Al- Qaeda agents are fighting with government that could be increased if they get attacked” Putin said. 

Putin also emphasize the issue of recent events in Syria that tended him to directly speech with American people and politician to consider this issue immediately and take some solid steps else we all have to face the severe wave of terrorism all over the world, not only in Syria.

Putin not only appeals, but warns Americans to take their step back from this action. He added that all nations and countries around the world assume America as the nondemocratic statue that has no justice at all. America is trying to mend and amend the treaty under the jingle of “you’re”. We cannot say assured what it means, America is with us or against us, no one knows.       

He added that the government puts pressure on the issue of chemical attack of August in Syria was the warning of opposition forces to provoke the foreign interference in Syria. America placed the responsibility of this attack on the president Bashar Al-Assad. Barack Obama wanted to get Bashar in custody for this attack suspected in Damascus on August, 21 when 1400 people were killed including 400 children.

Obama asked the congress to take back its vote from favoring the authorization of military action in Syria to take international control on the chemical weapons of Syria, but this threat is however, necessary to keep Syria under pressure to obey.

“It is totally illegal to take any action in Syria without the properly authorization of UN Security Council. It cannot be done through attacks” said Putin.


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