Muslims Misconceptions Regarding The West

on Sunday, September 22, 2013

A lot has been written and said about how the west misconceives Muslims, but I dare ask, do the Muslims have the right conception of the West. Sadly, the misconception is a two way traffic whereby the Muslims largely misconceives the west just like the west has misconceives Islam. The divide between Islam and the west is a product of misconception. While Muslims have often been quick to point that the West has hatred for Islam and rarely appreciates the religion, they fail to realize that they are victims of the misconception they claim to suffer. What are the leading areas that Muslims misconceive the West?

Does the west hate Islam?

Sadly, many Muslims have been trained to believe that the West have hatred for the Muslims. It is sad that unscrupulous individuals have used Islam to further their hatred in the pretext of fighting the West. The sad truth is that the west is not at war with Islam; rather it is just a few people in the West and within the Islam communities who want to involve everyone in their wars. Islam as a religion has allowed terrorists to use it as a launch pad for their activities and as a platform for furtherance of the archaic objectives in the name of fighting against western disdain for Islam. The sad truth is that even in the United States, there are millions of Muslims who live their lives peacefully. Take for instance Faran Tahir, despite being a Muslim, he has made an impact in Hollywood and bridged the gaps the society has created. He is a living proof that Muslims can interact well and associate with the westerners.

Are the western out to plunder the Muslim word of its black Gold?

More often than not, the west has been portrayed as a class out to reap from the massive oil resources available in the Muslim nations. Sadly, this is another misconception. While the west has appetite for oil, they pay for it and these funds are used to get the lives of normal people better instead being invested in equipping the military or went into the hands of  few Arab tycoons who end up hugely investing in the same west or even moving to the west altogether.

Are the Muslim leaders sincere?

I would say, NO.

While these leaders continue to peddle the west negatively, they stash their families in the west, take their families to study in the West and even more, massively invest in the west. Back at home, they use the normal Muslims leading normal lives to consolidate their power.

In general, the truth is that the West has no issue with Muslims and the Muslims too have no serious issue with the West. Let the leaders fight their own fights. The west and the Muslims can peacefully co-exist if the normal citizens dissuade themselves from being used by greedy individuals to further their own selfish goals.

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