Terrorism is not a Muslim Act, but of Terrorists

on Friday, September 27, 2013

Terrorism is an act of cowardice and anybody can engage in it. The blanket criticisms often leveled against the Muslims is more often than not devoid of concrete evidence.The West is always quick to rise to the occasion of attacking the east of any act of violence, and this is something unacceptable.The relationship between the West which is largely dominated by the whites, and the East which is largely dominated by Muslims and red Indians and Arabs is awash with suspicion, accusations and counter-accusations. Even as terrorism is used as a scapegoat, religious conflicts which started many centuries ago is often ignored.

The situation especially the political instability in the middle east is playing a critical role is, as far as, the future of Muslims relationship with the west is concerned. The stakes are high, and so are the demands. The current political situation in Syria is just, but  a long tale but the underhand tactics fueling this relentless situation of massacre should not cast the Muslim world into dark shadows. Perhaps there could be some influence from the west, but it should be understood that the humanitarian crisis is dire and urgent measures ought to be always taken without further ado. Politics or pronouncements of terrorism would only serve to worsen the situation.

When Syria’s conflict began two years ago, the international community was agape and did nothing, but until recently when hundreds of lives were claimed in what has been believed to be  chemical weapons attack, the west wanted to act by way of military air strikes. Looking at situations like Syria, Libya and among other Muslim dominated nations, the relationship between the west and Islamic fraternity often suffers a big a blow. All always culminate into a war between Islam and the west. Major bombings the world over are often a blame game and often shifted to our Muslim brothers.

Further, taking a scenario like Egypt, the battle is declared against the Muslim brotherhood. Well, it should be understood that they too have their grievances, and this is just but a situation of normal political disgruntlement among the populace. The senseless and targeted attacks on those who are affiliated to the Muslim brotherhood are definitely uncalled for. Egypt’s case is a tricky one, and the involvement of the west cannot be overruled since the ousting of Mubarak, and Morsi. Many critics of the west argue that their involvement in the East affairs is often interest bound. Weapons stockpile is often at center-stage with the west often coming in to attack the side which they feel isn’t meeting their interest.

Well, we live in challenging times. The world is awash with terror and every part of the world is affected. Cost of living will continue to rise if these blanket criticisms continue to be  targeted at the Muslims for whatever terror related crimes there is in the world but without much basis of claims. The latest terror related attack in Kenya’s upscale shopping mall is one such case which should be treated with care lest the Muslim-western relations get even bitter.

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