MAC Youth Center Donation Challenge

on Saturday, September 21, 2013

Salam Muslim-Academy writers and readers!

I’m writing this today because something was brought to my attention a few days ago, and I feel obliged to speak about it.
Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) has decided to buy a building for a youth center at the end of this month. The only problem is that they’re short $50,000.

A group of youth in that area came together and made up certain challenges to get donations for the center.
I am working with one youth, Omar Al- Bach, who is dedicated to Islam and helping his community, to help raise money.

Omar and his friend Yahya, have put together 3 challenges, for your entertainment, towards each goal they reach.

Goal #1: $1,000= eat an onion.
Goal #2: $2,000= spray pedestrians.
Goal #3: $4,000= unknown challenge.

Each $30 you donate, your name will be written on a ticket for a chance to win an ipad mini.

–Just another wonderful way to give back to you for giving to them.

You might be thinking: “Why should I help buying a center that’s not even located in my area?

This distance thing is what’s getting our Ummah in trouble today.
We’ve learned to not care about our family around the world just because of the plain fact that it’s not in your area.
We as Muslims, if we see a brother/sister in need, we should automatically help them without even a second thought.

Am I correct?

Well, here’s your chance to show yourself that this world hasn’t changed your Islamic morales.

This Youth Center will be like a second home for so many youth.
A place where they can go if they’re having problems at home, or to just hang out with your friends or make new ones.
This is a wonderful opportunity for this community to come together and show what Islam is all about.

Give your daily Sadaqah, and earn Allah’s pleasure today.

If you are unable to donate, please share this article, the video, or donation page. Every effort counts!
I believe that we as an Ummah can make this happen.
Wa Salam.

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