Non-Muslims under Islam

on Monday, September 16, 2013

Islam means peace, and it respects and propagates the concept of humanity in all its teachings. All humans are to be treated with respect, love and kindness according to the teachings of Islam. Non Muslims under Islam have many rights and are given great protection and security. The Prophet (PBUH) has cautioned his followers from being cruel to the non-Muslims, and that we should always give them their rights.

Some people have a misconception that Islam does not allow you to be friends or have dealings with non-Muslims, but that is not true at all, and the Quran (Surah 60:8-9) proves that very well.

If we look at examples in history even Non-Muslim prisoners of war were treated with great kindness and humanity. The Noble Prophet (PBUH) said regarding non Muslim prisoners of war that they were Muslims’ brothers, and Allah had put them in the hands of Muslims so that they would give them food, clothes, work and help.

Islam also gives religious freedom to all Non-Muslim citizens living in an Islamic state. Islam does not compel non-Muslims to embrace it. It is every non Muslims’ right to practice whatever religion he follows, and no Muslim has any right to make fun of any religion, or hurt the feelings of any non Muslim. Islam is a religion of peace and personal choice, no Muslim has the right to mock or force any non Muslim to embrace Islam.

The second Chaliph of Islam; Hazart Umar (RA) used to ask people who came to him from various provinces about the well being of non Muslims, and whether they have any complaints, or faced any kind of oppression in these provinces.

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