Why are Muslims Conservative?

on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

By default, quite a number of Muslims are conservative, with those who identify themselves are Liberal, choosing set themselves apart from the conservative majority. Liberal Muslims could be taken as Muslims who are loose with certain rules of social conduct, or those that are intellectually enlightened. As with any other opposites in society, the two different sides tend to use the terms, conservative, and liberal as attacks against each other.

Conservative Muslims are said to be not liberal in their ways, in some instances going as far as attributing them to those in support of Jihad. They go according to what the Quran says as opposed to the Liberals who tend to interpret verses in the Holy Book to suit themselves, while others set it aside. The conservatives are more traditional in nature while their counterparts claim to be returning to the principle of the early Ummah, in addition, they tend to be critical of the conservatives as they believe that they are culturally interpreting the Islamic law, without any universal application.

Unlike the Liberal Muslims, the Conservative Muslims interpret the application of core Islamic values to modern life as well as having restrictions to how the Quran is interpreted, in other words, they leave no space for freedoms in the interpretation of the Quran regardless of the hadith, unlike their Liberal brothers.

Liberal Muslims are normally named for Muslims who find themselves living in non-Muslim countries, while the opposite is true for the conservatives. Liberal Muslims are also generally more open to interfaith dialog and conflict resolution as opposed to the conservatives.

Ideally, all Muslims are meant to be conservatives, at least socially, with an observation on their modesty, privacy, humility and manners while interacting socially, but what is perceived as being conservative? Why are Muslims conservative?

That is the discussion that I am throwing to you…

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