Explore Why Music is Illegal in Islam

on Thursday, September 19, 2013

In the past few years, certain technological developments have taken place like; the invention of MP3 players, IPhone, iPods, DVD players and others which has brought the subject of music as an extremely considerable matter. It is hard to believe that Music has involved in our lives to such an extent that it is seriously distressing every Muslim in this modern era. In today’s world, every individual is being urged to listen to different forms of music whether by choice or without. It has been entertaining us for years through TV programs, radio and movies. Nowadays, it is widely being played in nearly all shopping malls, parties, and wedding ceremonies and on many other occasions. Even when we are walking in the street, we will find every other car blaring with loud music. Wherever we go, wherever we live, we are darned with music!

Does anyone of us think what Islam says and explains about music? Why does Music, which is prevailing in our modern societies, pose a great threat for all Muslims? If No, then let’s figure out what Islam and Shariah says regarding listening to music, under some Quranic references.

Why is Music Haram?

One of the major causes of the decline of Muslims around the globe is their involvement in useless and immoral activities. In recent eras, spiritual power was used to be the trait of a Muslim, but these days it is nowhere to be found. We can conclude that Music and other sources of entertainment are direct maneuvers of Non-Muslims.

As we know that Islam is a simple and peaceful religion and nothing is forbidden by Almighty Allah except for those which are tremendously dangerous for Muslims and the society as a whole. According to some Quranic references and Hadith of Prophet Mohammad, music is purely considered Haram. Three things that are strictly prohibited in Islam are:

  • Singing songs and listening to music.
  • Buying musical instruments for fun and amusement.
  • Purchasing female and male singers for entertainment.

Allah absolutely forbids such things which leads to sins and other immoral activities. Almighty Allah says:

And do not come near to adultery: for it is disgraceful deed and an evil, opening the road to other evils.” (Al-Isra)

Here, I will share one Hadith regarding unlawfulness of singing and music, from Bukhari Shareef:

There will be people of my Ummah who will seek to make lawful: wine drinking, fornication and the use of musical instruments (Ma’azif).”

Which kind of Music is permissible by Uluma-e-Deen?

There are some forms of music which are somehow allowed by a majority of scholars, but still many refused to accept music which is being played for fun and pastime. Such type of music is called Malahi, which leads to immoral entertainment, dance, playful enjoyment and more, but drums are explicitly allowed by many proficient Muslim Scholars, especially for wedding ceremony, festivals and other occasions. If music is played to glorify Allah and his prophet and for the peace of your mind that helps you remember Allah, it is found to be permissible, as long as it does not compel you to disobey Allah and his instructions.

Not only Islam, but scientific research has proven that today’s music is so harmful and depraved that it does not affect our nervous system only, but each and every part of our body. Research has shown that music badly affects our emotions, boost up our level of excitement and causes a number of psychological changes in our body. It has been found that listening to moderate or slow type of music usually increase our pulse rate, while rock music increases it further, which ultimately causes severe problems. Yet, people are unable to realize side effects of music.

Avoid listening to depraved music as much as you can, and lead a prosperous life in the presence of Almighty Allah!

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