Importance of Islamic Manners

on Monday, September 23, 2013

There is no complete religion except Islam; Islam is the source of light for every aspect of life. When an individual admits that he or she is a Muslim, then it does not mean that an individual should have only faith in Allah Almighty, but there are several other things that are to be followed.

Particularly, if we talk about the importance of manners in Islam, than there are several examples that can be quoted. Prophet (PBUH) always emphasized upon the fact that an individual should have good manners that lead to good deeds. Once a man asked (PBUH): “ What is the worst sin?”, (PBUH) replied “Bad manners and miserliness”.

From that example, it could be clearly seen that the life of a person does not only depend upon the faith, but its manners that make a perfect Muslim and a human being. Before the introduction of Islam, people don’t have the concept of the way with which they should be interacting with each other but with the passage of time the world was later blessed with Islam and people came to the true importance of manners.

It is quite unfortunate that people these days are not focused on what they are doing. People don’t even bother to think what they shouldn’t be doing and what they should be doing. People are rather focused upon materializing things that are of no use. Sooner or later, everything will be finished as promised by Allah, but the only thing that will prosper even after death will be the manners and the ways in which a person treats others.

We all know the conditions of a mankind before the teachings of Islam, but what did the Prophet (PBUH) did after coming into the world? The answer is very simple, Prophet was taught by Allah almighty that it’s all about manners that will make the difference between himself and others.

One of the major reasons for Islam to be one of the famous religions around the world in quick succession was the way in which the Prophet treated others. It is said to be true that nobody is perfect in this world whatsoever, but one must try to live life according to the ways defined by Allah almighty. As far as the importance of manners in Islam is concerned, Islam always stresses on the fact that manners should be on the top priority of any Muslim. Prophet (PBUH) has set number of examples by demonstrating that how one should behave in particular.

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