How Religion Influences Our Life

on Friday, September 20, 2013

Religion can be described as beliefs that focus on our spirituality regarding the supernatural while invoking culture and perceptions of life in this world and beyond. This manifests itself in the form of written materials that are used as reference points, as well as, many happenings in the past including current events and predictions or prophecies of the future. Without religion, the meaning and origins of life cannot be easily described unless one attempts to use the scientific theories of evolution that works at cross purposes with it.

Furthermore, religion plays an important role in the lives of those who may not wholly believe in the spirituality because of its historical roots, and the fact that it is intertwined with the origins of man and governance systems. A careful study of the political systems in the contemporary world reveals that the constitutions of many countries, be it Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, or Judaism, borrow heavily from the predominant faith that is practiced within any particular state.

Where there is diversity of religions, efforts have been made in many countries to accommodate the citizens of different faiths. This has had the effect of influencing mankind in that many laws are based on the principles of morality that are founded on religion. On a more personal level, we are influenced by religion greatly because this acts as a bridge between man and the Supreme Being who is referred to as Allah, God or Buddha and other names in a variety of faiths, as well. When born into a family of a particular faith, we are brought into that faith through family upbringing, and perhaps only later in life can we opt to choose a different faith out of our own accord.

Religion will influence us because it is a key social element in our everyday lives, and determines our way of life in every imaginable way. For example, a Muslim will seek to follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) so that he can receive favour and blessings from Almighty Allah. Praying five times a day is indicative of the importance and influence of religion for a Muslim. This in turn guarantees prosperity in life, peace and everlasting happiness. Guidance on how to live and treat fellow man comes through devotion to Islam which is a tried and tested religion.

The human is created both physically and spiritually and this in itself means that there is a higher authority that passes judgment on him for his words and deeds while in this world. Religion in turn, plays an essential role in determining the direction that man should take in order to avoid punishment. Religion is not forced on anyone, but even atheists adhere to religious principles unknowingly through respect for the law. The difference being they do not acknowledge Allah, and in doing so lack the spiritual aspect in their lives while not recognizing that this is part and parcel of the very nature of man.

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