Escaping From Evil Through Islam

on Monday, September 16, 2013

It becomes simple to escape from evils when you know the difference between the right and the wrong. It is not essential that a person always keeps some distance from sins. It is a known fact that one has to fight against sins continuously in order to avoid the evil deeds and sins. There is a complete path defined in the Holy Quran and Islam that helps the Muslims to prevent from wrong deeds and clutches of evil.

One of the most important aspects of Islam is the belief. Islam gives great importance to belief because it differentiates a Muslim from a non Muslim. It is a real fact that faith of a person protects him from evil deeds. If you have a solid and strong faith on Allah, it is unlikely that you would be attracted by sin. You will find hundreds of examples in Holy Quran quoted by Allah Almighty to make your faith strong. When you read these examples and think deeply, you notice that only Allah Almighty is the creator of everything in the world, and only Allah Almighty is the sole owner of everything in the world. When you read Holy Quran with translation daily, your faith will become strong, and it will become easy to escape from evils and sins.

Belief and faith have great significance in Islam, and it acts as a bridge that leads you to great success. In order to escape from evils, one must have very strong faith and belief in Allah Almighty. If you need something, you should ask only from Allah Almighty because he is the only creator of everything in the universe like; the sun, moon, sky, earth, mountains, water, starts and living organism. One should have a strong belief that only Allah Almighty can provide me everything. One should try to reach Allah Almighty. The Holy Quran is the best way to increase your faith in Allah Almighty. If you need help from Allah, you should offer Salat on a regular basis and pray to Allah. There is a great significance of Salat in religion Islam, and it is a second important pillar of Islam. According to Hadith, Salat prevents Muslims from sins and evils. When you offer Salat five times a day, it will become very easy for you to escape from evils. If you want to prevent from sins and wrong deeds then you should offer Salat regularly.

It is reported that only 10% Muslims in the whole world offer Salat regularly and 90% ignore Salat. Therefore, Muslims are suffering from great problems and crisis in the whole world. Now, it has become difficult to differentiate between Muslims and non Muslims. Now, Muslims follow the traditions and civilization of non Muslims, and they also feel proud. They are not ready to follow the teachings of Islam, and most of them consider them old fashioned. All Muslims believe that Salat is the most important pillar, but most of them are not ready to offer Salat because they have no time to worship Allah Almighty.


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