Concept of Halal Food for Muslims

on Monday, September 16, 2013

Islam is the most effective developing religion in the world. Individuals from all over the world are impressed and getting into Islam by acknowledging all the conditions of Islam even the eating habits of a non-Muslim. In addition to the many other religious features and prerequisites, the restriction of Muslims to the halal foodstuff also holds many advantageous elements for the well beings of Muslims and the mankind.

There are several kinds of meals taken in the various parts of the globe. Some are non-meat eaters as for instance in China and India, and some are omnivores who eat both beef, fresh vegetables, etc. The beef is provided from various resources for example; lamb meat, beef and pig’s pork; the red meat, while seafood and poultry are popular as white meat.

There are many times we listened the word halal foodstuff or halal beef in restaurants, but not all of the people are acquainted with the real idea of halal meat. It is a type of meat which is permissible for the Muslims to consume or eat. The concept of halal and its opposite haram is almost at par with the principle of the term “Kosher” from which the Jews are abide by.

There are some circumstances on the slaughter of the pet animal which make it halal or allowable religiously for consuming by Muslims. These conditions are summarized as follow;

1.           Pet animal should be slaughtered by a Muslim following a few particular prayers for the almighty Allah. The beef will not be regarded as halal if the pet animal is slaughtered by non-Muslim, or the person who left Islam.

2.           Slaughtering should be carried out with a well-defined cutting knife or blade and things like gazelle, bones, stones are not permitted to wipe out the animal, or to slaughter it.

3.           It is very essential to cut the gullet and the windpipe of the pet with a well-defined cutting knife, if it is not cut, then the meat will not regarded as halal.

4.           if  the gullet and windpipe are cut after killing the animal (when it is dead), it would certainly not be regarded halal.

5.           The butch should slaughter the animal quickly without having causing it more soreness.

6.           The animal’s face should be in the direction of the house of Allah in Mecca at the time of slaughtering.

7.           Species of fish is not needed to be slaughtered and is regarded halal. Seafood can be used without these procedures.

8.           The cutting knife or slaughtering tools should not be dull.

9.           It is also suggested though not essential that the animal ought to be given well and should not dehydrate before the practice of slaughtering.

10.         The slaughtering should be begun with the name of Allah called Bismillah.

The Muslims in non-Muslim nations are experiencing issues to find the halal foodstuff because there are very few dining places which are taking care of all these parameters, but in Muslim nations it is not a big deal to locate the halal food items.

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