What Is Your Understanding of an Islamic Marriage?

on Monday, September 9, 2013

It’s all about how you think about something, in particular if we talk about marriages, the first things that pop up in mind is “marriages are decided on heaven and are celebrated on earth”. As a Muslim, one must believe that there are some decisions that are to be made solely by almighty Allah, and some decisions are to made by human beings, but the fact is that Allah has granted brain to the mankind so that the decision can be made, the path can be decided whether right or wrong.

Same is the case in marriages, what a man can do is to make decisions while considering the fact that the wife should have certain qualities. If we look on to the examples; there are lots of things that we could see. Islam marriage is the finest bond between a man and a woman. If we go deep, we can have a clear indication that the base should be strong in every relationship. Trust is what is required between a husband and wife. Loyalty has no limits, and that is why it has to play an important role in a marriage.

Nobody wishes to have a kind of life in which there is no comfort. Islam is a religion that is very flexible in every sense. One should have enough courage for forgiveness, and that is what is required in a married life. Islam expects that both the husband and wife should respect each other. The more respect you give, the more respect you get.

Conditions of Marriage:

The Prophet (peace and commandments be upon him) clearly demonstrated that marriage is necessary (wajib) for a man who can effortlessly pay the Mahr (share) and to uphold a wife and kids, and is solid, and expects that if he does not get married, he is may be enticed to bid sex (Zina). It is additionally obligatory for a lady who has no different method of supporting herself and who expects that her sexual urge might push her into sex. At the same time indeed, for an individual who can control his sexual longing, who has no wish to have youngsters, and who feels that marriage will keep him far from his commitment to Allah, it is admirable (Mandub).

Notwithstanding, under certain conditions it is compulsory (fard) for a Muslim to wed regardless of the possibility that he is not in a position to procure his living; In the event that he expects that by not wedding, he will confer sex (Zina), in the event that he is unable to  control his ardors, or his fasting does not help him to cease from Zina.

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