Islam is Flawless, Muslims are Humans

on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Although the title may sound a little bit odd, I can’t find better words to express what I really mean. The reason I’m writing this article is the confusion many people might have regarding this topic. At first, let’s not confuse the concepts and teachings of a religion with the behavior of its adherents. Each Religion has certain concepts, principles and teachings which the followers must act upon, but do all the adherents follow teachings? Of course not, part of them complies with the teaching and the other part doesn’t. That is simply because we are humans, and that’s our nature. Almighty God gave Human beings the freedom to choose between different alternatives, you can choose to believe or not to believe, you can choose to obey or not. I can see that people generalize the mistake of one Muslim to the whole Islamic society which is not fair.

The religion of Islam is a perfect religion in all of its aspects, and that’s simply because it is from God the creator of existence. On the other hand, Muslims are human beings in a sense that they commit sins and make mistakes; that’s a human nature. In fact, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) taught us this meaning when he said in one of the famous prophetic teachings: “Every human commits sins; however the best of who those commit sins, those who repent.”

The concept that I really want to emphasize is the importance of separation between a religion and its followers. As a Muslim, I get upset when I see non-Muslims perceive Islam in a wrong way because of irresponsible behavior of some people who suppose to belong to Islam. Thus, what I really want to say to non –Muslims is: If you want to know what Islam is really about, then you should read about Islam, read the Qur’an for yourself, ask the scholars, and investigate the evidence discreetly, but you shouldn’t make a decision about Islam based on the acts of some Muslims you might have met and didn’t like, or based on what you might have heard about Muslims in the news, or on what you occasionally read or see online. Try to search for yourself and dig deep into this beautiful religion before you make a final judgment, at least you will be fair that way regardless of what decision you make afterwards.

Allah (SWT) tells us in the glorious Qur’an that whoever Allah (SWT) guides, he will be guided and no one can mislead him, and whoever Allah misguides, no one can guide him. So the guidance is only from Allah (SWT), and we can’t guide anybody unless Allah wants him to be guided anyway. However, we must try; we are obligated to call people to Islam by gentle advice and good behavior to create the proper environment for non-Muslims to research, then make a decision about what life they want to live, and what will save them in the hereafter.

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