What Is Islam?

on Thursday, September 19, 2013

Islam is not a new religion in the world, instead it is true that Allah Almighty revealed to every individual through all his messengers or prophets. It is reported that Islam has become the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam is not only a religion, instead, it is also a complete way of life. There are five important pillars of Islam to follow. Islam promotes and encourages peace, love, mercy, forgiveness and care.

One billion people from different countries and states are united by their common Islamic faith. The world’s largest Muslim community is present in Indonesia. Most of people ask about the Muslims believe. The answer is that all Muslims believe in one, incomparable God, in angels created by him, in prophets or messengers for guidance of mankind, in the Day of Judgment and in complete authority of Allah Almighty over the life after death and human destiny.

It is very simple to become a Muslim by saying ‘there is no God but Allah and Holy Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of God. The actual mean of Islam is ‘submission’ and it is derived from a word ‘peace’. Now, the followers of Islam are increasing very fast in the world. It is reported that one out of every five persons on this planet is Muslim. The total number of Muslims in the world is nearly 3 billions. Unfortunately, Islam has become most misunderstood religion due to some reasons. Islam is strictly a monotheistic religion because it restricts to worship only God. The Muslims are those who believe in only one Allah Almighty and in Holy Prophet Muhammad as the final prophet of Allah Almighty.

Islam teaches that God is the creator of the whole world like earth, sky, sun, moon, stars, water, mountains and all living organisms. Allah Almighty is the most powerful and dominant. No power in the world can challenge God because he is the best of all. The First prophet of God was Adam followed by so many prophets to guide humanity. The purpose of arrival of prophets was only to introduce Allah Almighty and his characteristics to mankind. The most famous Prophets include Holy Prophet Muhammad, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jesus. It is a real fact that all Prophets or messengers brought the same message, and the message was “to believe in one God”.

Islam is the last and final religion, and it is revealed through Holy Prophet Muhammad. He was a great, truthful and honest person. He was born in Mecca. At the age of forty years, Allah Almighty asked Holy Prophet Muhammad to declare the Islam publicly. The Quran is the most important and the Holy book for Muslims, and it contains 114 chapters. This Holy Book is unadulterated over 14 centuries and it is the pure word of God. This book contains the solutions of all problems that affect human being.

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