Teenage: A Delicate Phase of Life

on Monday, September 23, 2013

The teenage; a delicate phase of life and the most exciting one. This phase brings about both physical and psychological changes in a person.

To raise a teenager properly, you need to exert appropriate effort, attention and patience.  Also, communication with teens includes much more than just talking. It comprises a need for parents to express their absolute love to their teen, use a regulation that works for both the teen and parents, demonstrate how to fruitfully use the world around them and more.

You have to build your teenager’s self esteem and lead their teenager by supporting their preferences in activities and friends. Moreover, parents need to create a discipline plan for their teenager that is reasonable to both the parties along with a firm and affectionate approach.

When children become teenagers, there is frequently a major increase in parent-child disagreement and a less unified family bond. Disputes often concern slight issues of control, for instance, suitable clothing, and the teenager’s right to confidentiality. The disagreement also boosts as friends reveal a greater impact on one another, latest influences on the teen that possibly be in conflict to parents’ values. While the teenagers struggle for their liberty, the unfamiliarity of their actions to their parents is a difficult issue due to the rising quantity of predators on social media sites.

Life materials are the sole purpose of ruining the teenage life and meddling with their heads.

Yes, it is entertaining and fun, but somehow the teenagers get lost in the middle of all life materials that they crave, and they remember their teenage years with Ipods and Iphones. Teenagers are always in competition with each other.

No, it’s not about the highest scores in football, it’s about who owns the latest gadget and can show it off to their little friends. This influence of technology is unhealthy; no wonder obese children are so common these days. Also, this distracts them from their studies and family. Gradually their conception of happiness and teenage years are destroyed along with their innocence.

The parents have to be more like friends to their teen children so that they can communicate better along with being strict when needed. They have to guide them to use the life materials fruitfully without misusing them. Through examples, they can demonstrate the teenagers how different factors can affect them in different ways. During conflicts, parents should let the teenagers present their opinions and then, with both firmness and love, teach them the difference between right and wrong. This can help in avoiding conflicts.

I think being a teenager is such a gripping time period in everyone’s life, it gives you some of your bad wounds and some of your most enlivening moments. It’s an enthralling place; old enough to feel mature, mature enough to make choices, matured enough to fall in love, yet, too young to be liberated to make a lot of those choices devoid of someone else’s approval.

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