If You Are Planning to Travel to China?

on Wednesday, September 11, 2013

According to the statistics based on a survey conducted in 2011 in China, the international visitors to the country for a year is about 27 million. It is forecasted that, in just a decade or so, China will be the world’s number one tourist’s destination. The largest number of international visitors come for a lot of reasons; Most of the visitors come for business reasons. Others come for medical treatment purposes too. Whatever might be the reason for you to visit China, a definite plan ahead of the visit will aid you to cut down a lot of additional costs. You can ensure in that way that you have a safe and sound trip to China.

Some of the interesting landmarks that are a must see, during your visit to China are:

•Great wall
•Yangtze River Cruise
•Travel to Tibet
•Ski resorts
•Hot springs
•Silk road

You got to be doing a lot ahead of your travel to China to enjoy your trip completely. First step is to appoint a tour guide online itself based upon the reputation and track record of that particular service. Food comes in as the next immediate priority. Depending upon your taste, you need to find out the best suitable hotels along with boarding and lodging. Travel sites belonging to China are best useful resources for this purpose.

You need to avoid traps though very safely. There are so many traps in the name of one day tours. You got to be cautious and go by the best reliable and trustworthy recommendations alone. Vehicles in China for hire are available in plenty with a range of options of your particular tastes. You can see to that you are driving your best comfortable car or an SUV.

You can ask for quotes online from the vehicle hire services especially meant for the foreigners. The costs could be dearer for the standard and reputed ones. Still it will cover a lot of additional benefits and safety too. Insurance, certifications, and so on, variety of aspects come in to consideration from that perspective.


Getting your reservations done at the earliest for flights and the hotels is essential. You might visit China just from a neighboring country or from the far west too. Still, the air fares can be phenomenally varying based upon the season. During the prominent China shows and exhibitions that occur during specific months of a year, the costs of the air fare will be way higher compared to the other times. Similarly, during festival times and New Year time, the costs will be dearer. Still if you book well in advance you could save a lot of money. Same is the case for the hotels too. 3 to 6 months advance booking is quite essential. Otherwise you might not be able to get the best bookings done for economic costs. Tipping in China is not encouraged in some hotels and bars too. Still, it is up to you to call your shots.

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