Islamic Teachings: Anger And How To control It

on Saturday, September 21, 2013

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated: “A strong man is not he who beats his opponent by wrestling. However, a strong man is he who controls himself at the moment of anger.”

The reasons which can trigger anger to breed are pride, boasting, hoax and mockery, dispute, deceitfulness, excess hunger for too much material goods and fame. If these immoralities are joined in a person, his manner becomes bad and he cannot flee anger. These things should be removed by their opposites. Boasting is to be eliminated by modesty. Pride is to be confiscated by one’s humbleness and meekness. Greed is to be eradicated by remaining content and stinginess by charity.

The foremost remedy of knowledge is to consider the prizes of soothing anger, the sources of which are from Quran and the sayings of the Prophet (PBUH). Your anticipation for getting rewards of appeasing anger will control you from vengeance.

Another medicine is to be afraid of Allah’s punishment. Anger triggers vengeance, and if you take revenge upon someone for anger, Allah will take revenge on you on the Judgment Day.

The third solution of anger is to take safeguard about punishment of hostility and vengeance on him. You feel ecstasy in having your opponent in your attendance in his sorrows. You are not liberated from that peril.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also said to think about the hideous face of the fuming man, which is similar to a ferocious monster. He who conciliates anger looks like a learned and sober man. One should even keep in mind that what Allah wishes, will occur.
The Prophet has stated that when one gets angry, say: I seek shelter in Allah from the evil.

Whenever someone is angry, ask for Allah’s forgiveness for the sins and ask for the removal of anger from one’s heart in order to get saved from misguidance.

If fury does not fade away in this way,  one can be seated if you are standing,  lay down if sitting, and come close to  earth, as you have been shaped for earth. Therefore, make yourself cool like the earth. The reason of anger is heat, and its reverse is to laze on the floor and to make the body unruffled.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated, “Anger is like a blazing coal. Don’t you observe your eyes flushed and eyebrows broad? Hence, when one of you sense anger, lie down if sitting or sit down if standing.”

He even said to take a bath, or make ablution with cool water just like fire can be extinguished by water.

We also know that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not get angry for any deed. When any issue captivated him, nobody could distinguish it and even nobody took any step of revenge for his anger. He only got angry for truth.

Don’t let anyone anger you to the extent that you can’t identify yourself.

Islam teaches us to put a bar to anger from our mind and heart, and so has Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) preached us.

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