Tamarod: Operation to End Islamic Ruling in the Region.

on Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tamarod, a movement based in Egypt, which was behind the ousting of President Morsi and his Islamic ruling in Egypt along with the military are known to be having its working wing in Gaza-Palestine. Their mission in Gaza had also been revealed that to oust Hamas from Gaza ruling.

These facts had been recorded through a Tamarod member who was arrested in Gaza. He had said that Israel is behind their force and in their activities.

After the ousting of President Morsi in Egypt, same as the slogans used there to oust Morsi, have also been used in Gaza against Hamas throughout the last 2 months. As their attempts seem to be arising and illegal, Security Forces of Gaza had to arrest many of the demonstrators.

As for the facts revealed by a certain arrested person, this was a joint plan of Israel, some Arab Nations and also the Officials of President Mahmood Abbas, but none of the Arab Nations were mentioned by name.

He further revealed that this plan through Tamarod is to enforce Fathah’s ruling in Gaza and to appoint Mohammed Dahlan, a high class official of Fathah as the Chief of Gaza . Anyhow Dahlan had rejected these facts which were revealed.

Also, it has been planned to oust Hamas within next 6 months.

Through further inquiries, it was known that a certain person who was arrested had participated with some meetings with B.S.F (West bank Intelligence) Officials, where they have ordered to form a force in East Gaza and to start missions from there. Also, it is planned to be ended in North Gaza using weapons.

Also known that, they have enough funds for this mission in Gaza.

From the recent past, it is known that Tamarod has been working in Tunisia to oust Islamic Ruling Al- Nahda (Ennehda). Also, these records from Gaza revealed that Tamarod has a plan to start operation in Turkey against Ruling Islamic Party.

Relevant sources regarding these missions had been released by the Hamas Official few days ago.

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