What do you Expect Your Relationship with the Family of Your Spouse to be?

on Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting married is no joke. It is a pretty serious matter and a lot goes into it. It takes commitment and compromise to make a thing like marriage work. However, it is a pretty debatable topic that whether the husband does more of the compromising or the wife. In most cases, you are likely to meet with arguments which are in favor of the wife. It is always the woman who gives more in a relationship, but the husband has his own part to play, as well.

When a girl is getting married, she is leaving her home, her family and everything that she has been familiar and comfortable with to move into a completely different household. There will be new people involved, new relationships which she will have to deal with. So, obviously all of this can be a little overwhelming for her. She should not expect that she will win the hearts of everyone, right from the beginning. Even if she does, there will be a lot of circumstances in the future, where she may feel let down or upset. She should keep in mind that every person is different, each one of them has a different nature and some people just take more time to open up to people. She should not lose hope and try her best in keeping her in-laws happy.

Keeping the in-laws happy depends on what the in-laws consider as happiness. Do they want someone who can take care of the entire household? Or do they want someone who just wants to cook and clean the house? Or are they looking for someone who is more career oriented or family oriented, etc. What is really important here that in the majority of the cases, it will be the wife, the daughter-in-law who will need to modify her lifestyle and adapt with the lifestyle which her in-laws have. She should be helpful at all times, and it is okay to be angry or upset over something, but she should not let her emotions govern her. If ever she gets in an argument with her spouse’s parents or his family members, she should be the bigger person and keep quiet. If she does not talk back, it is highly likely that the matter at a hand will be buried there and then, only.

As for the husband, he should assume some responsibilities. If he feels that his parents are being unfair to his wife, he should let his parents know about it, nicely and politely. He should state his concerns, in a polite manner and ask his family to be more considerate of his wife. Not only this, but the husband should also be very respectful towards his wife’s parents. He has some duties towards them, as well. He should not mock them or ask them for favors by putting their daughter (his wife) in an awkward position. That is plain wrong.

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