What is Nikah?

on Friday, September 27, 2013

Nikah is actually an excellent bounty from Allah Ta’ala. The extramarital affairs on this world, as well as, the hereafter tend to be put in order by means of marriage. There exist lots of wisdom and several advantages in marriage. An individual will save himself from sinning, and his heart can be put at ease. He doesn’t have any kind of bad objectives and his ideas never start to stroll and run away. The most effective advantage is that there are only advantages and only benefits within this. It is because a husband and wife’s relaxing with each other and engaging in a caring discussion, joking amongst each other, etc is superior to nafl salat.

A wedding could be carried out by simply 2 phrases, e.g. an individual says the following phrases in the existence of witnesses: “I present my girl to you personally in marital life.” The one who is addressed response: “I admit the girl in wedding.” By doing this, wedding ceremony is logical, and both of them are legal wife and husband.

When the girl exists and the parent says: “I offer this girl of my own in marital life to you”, and the particular person response: “I admit the girl”, the nikah will likely be logical. It will not be essential to speak about her name.

If both guy and girl are adults, they are able to execute their own nikah. All that they need to perform is saying the following in the existence of 2 witnesses; One of them should declare: “I am doing my nikah along with you”, and also the other should express: “I admit.” By doing this, the nikah will likely be logical.

Individuals with whom Nikah is Haram:

1. Wedding with one’s children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc is not allowable. Neither is matrimony with one’s mothers and fathers, grandparents, maternal grandparents, etc allowable.

2. Marriage with one’s brothers, uncles and nephews is not allowable. Based on the Shari’ah, a brother is the only one whose father and mother will be the similar or they have got one father, but 2 mom or one mom, but 2 dads. However, if the dad is different, as well as, the mom is also different; that individual will never be a brother. Nikah along with him will likely be logical.

The Wali or Protector

1. The first wali of a girl or boy is their dad. When the dad is not really present, the grandfather will become their wali. In case he is not present, then a great grandfather. If not one of them can be found, the blood-brother will become their wali.

2. A premature individual could not become a wali of anybody. A kafir can not be a wali for any Muslim, nor can a lunatic become a wali for anybody.

3. An adult woman has the option to marry or not to marry. She can get married to whomsoever she desires – nobody can induce her to get married to a person. If the girl marries an individual on her own, the nikah will likely be logical regardless if the wali is informed or not.

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