Egypt Court Disbands Muslim Brotherhood

on Friday, September 27, 2013

Cairo Court for Urgent Matters ordered to disband the Muslim Brotherhood, which was a Non Government Organization in Egypt. Court said that, this ruling applied to the Islamist movement, its non-governmental organization and any affiliated groups. It also banned all the activities carried out by the movement.

Court further ordered to seize the funds and the properties of the organization and had formed a panel to administer those frozen assets until any appeal heard.

Along with this, the future of Freedom and Justice Party – the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood had become a question as the Egypt’s latest draft constitution is more favorable towards banning all religious political parties. However, It was registered officially in 2011 which has its own legality since then.

As a movement, which has the 85 years of its history, was first banned in 1954 by the military regime, which was against the religious concepts. Somehow, the social services and political attendance of Muslim Brotherhood were continued as an unformed organization.

In the recent past, which was in last March, Muslim Brotherhood was registered as a NGO in response to a court case brought by opponents who contested its legal status, which directly involved in politics after the Arab Spring.

Court had formed a commission to investigate further on this. Also, the formed commission has agreed upon the opposition’s complaint towards the Brotherhood’s legal status. Further the commission says that the registration of Muslim brotherhood as an NGO was done by the government led by Muslim Brotherhood under President Morsi, which is nowhere acceptable.

Also, a leftist party had made a complaint on the legality of Muslim Brotherhood.
It is to be noted that after the coup against the elected president Morsi, the people’s voted constitution was too set to trash by the Cairo Courts. Also, many leading figures of Muslim Brotherhood including FJP Officials been detained since then.

Ibrahim Munir, Guider Council Member of Muslim Brotherhood has stressed that Monday Court ruling to disband the group and ban all its activities is anyhow expected as it had been ready since the 3rd July Military Coup against legitimacy. He further mentioned that no force on earth can end the presence of Muslim Brotherhood.

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