Islam is the True Religion

on Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Being a Muslim, I would naturally defend my religion, and hold it as the truest of all religions that exist in the world today. I respect all other faiths around me because that is what my religion teaches me to do. It teaches me not to make fun or ridicule any religion, its beliefs and even its followers. It teaches me not to have Imaan on Quran only, but all other religious books as well, which were sent from up above.

However, if I were to compare my religion to other religions then I would obviously be giving my religion more points than I give to others. If I compare my religion to Hinduism, I feel that one cannot have too many gods and goddesses. The ultimate power can only belong to one single authority. For me and other Muslims that is Allah, the Most Powerful.

If I were to compare my religion to Christianity, then again my religion clearly teaches me that Allah exists all alone, he does not have any family or any children whatsoever. I believe in Jesus Christ because yes, he was a prophet and deserves respect as any other prophets would, but to consider him as Allah’s son? This is one of the main points where I feel that the Islam and Christianity start to differ. We, Muslims cannot consider any man or woman as Allah’s child.

I believe that there may be some similarities between the Old Testament and Qur’an, but otherwise the two religions are different, but just like I said that I believe in my own holy book, the Quran, similarly my religion asks me to believe on the other holy books, too.  For me, Islam is a Universal religion which promises guidance to all those who wish to be guided. The religion is simple and guarantees the rights for each and everyone from women to children to widows to orphans to even animals and birds!

Islam believes that Allah alone is worth worshipping and under no circumstance any other person or deity is to be associated with Him. We, Muslims believe in all the prophets that came before Prophet Muhammad (SAW). However, there was no prophet after Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and there will never be another prophet. He was the last of the prophets. We believe that everything in this world will one day come to an end, and the only thing, which will forever exist, is God and God alone. For the rest of us, end is something inevitable. We also believe in the Hereafter, we will be resurrected and presented before Allah. Those of us, who did more good than bad, will be sent to Heaven, the most beautiful of all places. Those who did so many bad things even more than good will be sentenced to Hell, the worst of all places. We also believe that the absolute power and control over everything, even the grains of sand, belongs to Allah.

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