U.S And Its Military Aid To Egypt

on Saturday, September 21, 2013

After the crackdown over civilians in Egypt, United States wanted to reconsider their aid to Egypt. At last, it’s been a symbolic step alone again. It is reported only an amount of $525 Million was applied to suspension, where the total stands as $1.3 Billion. Cancellation of joint military exercise with Egypt is seen to be another eye wash. Also, the suspensions were announced to be a temporary decision.

What are the reasons behind this drama?

01. The Middle East without Islamists:
Egypt was the first state to gain the results of Arab spring, where the Islamists won the ruling power. This stimulated Turkey’s ruling Islamic party, as well as, Qatar. Also, this motivated the Islamists in Syria. The Uprising of the Islamists is most likely to reduce the power of U.S in the region.

02. Stableness of Israel:
It is true that, although the peace treaty of Israel – Egypt was ended, it’s being maintained by the certain aid. In other way round, if U.S wanting to cut off the aid means, it’s encouraging a better governance (an unlikely situation for Israel), which is not exactly its wish. Israel experienced a better time with Mubarak, and now again that has arrived with the coup.

03. Geographical Location:
The location of Egypt is so important for U.S as many of their military bases of the Middle East are located around Egypt. Further the Suez Canal, the key way of oil transportation from the Middle East is been controlled by Egypt. It’s important for U.S to maintain a likely situation in Egypt.

04. Power over region:
During Mubarak’s regime, Egypt was a free air zone for U.S, which was flexible for them during the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was allowed to carry on military trainings inside Egypt. Further, Egypt was a state responsible for detain the prisoners hand over by U.S and Israel. After the coup again this situation had been raised.

05. Profits over military weapons:
Foreign Military Financing is the scheme which is used in military, where it is a major business dealing in today’s world. Recently Press TV reported the top 10 companies of U.S which are highly profited, where those companies alone earn more than $600 million, by the military aid to Egypt.

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