War on Terror and What Should the Stand of Muslim Countries Be?

on Friday, September 20, 2013

September 11, 2001 was troublesome on many levels; thousands of innocents lost their lives at the hands of vile terrorists. Thousands of families lost their loved ones without even knowing why. The angst of this atrocity remains locked in the brains of all those with a heart that can feel, the grief is nowhere to go. I am not saying this for the sake of saying it, I am saying it because I believe so – and I feel so. This is the account of an act of terrorism which was (at its time) the first of its kind, but did anyone notice that the havoc created by people after 9/11 is way more atrocious?
After the attacks on world trade center; US attacked Afghanistan, killed thousands and thousands of men, women and children, destroyed the whole country, and now they are thinking of leaving it at that. They created a mess greater than the one they came in to eradicate. If you doubt what I just said, consider this. US attacked to eliminate Al Qaeda, but in the process they killed thousands of civilians.

All of those civilians had families; even the terrorists they killed had families –most of whom had been bombed with the terrorists though. Now, all of those who were killed left orphans and widow.

Do you really think those children who lost their fathers will forgive and forget?

I don’t think so. In fact, they will want revenge, their innocence was taken, and they won’t want it back now.
The story didn’t end with Afghanistan; Iraq was attacked, Libya was attacked, Syria is in the line of fire now. I am sure that every one of us understands that it wasn’t just the terrorists in all of these countries, and the extremists that were killed. All over Iraq and Libya, there are similar stories to that of Afghanistan, and God forbid if they do the same to Syria, there will be more of them.
Despondently, wherever Muslim countries have been attacked, other Muslim countries have been asked for assistance. The situation of Pakistan is enough for the whole world to see where it takes you. Pakistan has been aiding US in the war on terror, and instead of curbing it; they spread the war to Pakistan. Now, US will safely exit Afghanistan when they see fit, but it is Pakistan who will have to face the extremists for a long time. The country is already a war zone because of someone else’s war, how much more do you think a third world country can bear? If you think US can completely eradicate the terrorist elements before they leave, I suggest you to take a dive into the history books, and see what happened to them in Vietnam for years on years.
So for the Muslim countries, where do they stand in the war against terror?

Well, all Muslim countries should be standing firmly against it, BUT they should not let others toy them while they are at it. Honestly, Pakistan has been used in this war like a plaything. They have lost thousands of their soldiers, got infiltrated with terrorists everywhere, bombed and threatened, but still the US authorities ask them to “do more”.
I think it is time for Pakistan and other countries like them to start thinking about themselves first. If they are to be used, and then treated like crap, they better do what is good for them, and then think about the interests of others.

The Muslim world is facing the toughest times in a long while. If we let the external elements use us, bomb us, mistreat us, and threaten us like both the terrorists, and the US are doing so to Pakistan; it won’t be long before more of us turn into Afghanistan and Iraq.

Fighting the terrorists and the extremists is what everyone should be doing, but not at the stake of losing their own country because that is what I fear about Pakistan.

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