Islam and Fashion

on Monday, September 16, 2013

It is believed that Islam is a universal religion, and it is considered as a complete way of life. The sentence fashion and Islam sounds strange to Muslims. When we accept that Islam is a complete way of life, then fashion must be described in Islam. It is a fact that Islam encourages modesty and grace instead of vulgar and exposing types of clothes. We believe that there are some boundaries and limits imposed by Islam on the way of life. It is compulsory, and it is the most important for each Muslim in any part of the world to adopt the life examples of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). All Muslims should follow and adopt the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Basically, life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is based on truth and simplicity principles. It is important to know that our beloved and great Prophet Muhammad (SAW) can enjoy best living conditions, but he preferred to stay in a small house of mud.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) wears simple clothes and eats very ordinary and simple food products. It is not necessary that Muslims should live in a small house or mud, but they should adopt simple life. It is not wise to spend so much on things which are not important for our life. According to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) (Hadith) it is not good to spend money to show off standard, status and richness. It is said by of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that there is no difference on the basis of assets, tribe, caste and class between humans. The good deeds and behavior of any person makes him superior, good and bad.

Similarly, there is also a strict warning for people who have money, but they do not spend it on their family to provide them comfortable life. The rich people should not adopt poor living style instead he should eat and wear according to his income. Islam provides and gives maximum rights to women. The women are more safe and comfortable in Islam. Before the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the Arabs buried their daughters, and there was no respect for women in the society. Islam gives more rights to women, and allows them to adopt fashion only for their husbands.

It is not necessary to spend money on things which are not important. Islam promotes the principle of cleanliness and hygiene. Islam encourages the Muslims to keep themselves perfumed, and take care of their clothes. The use of Miswak to keep mouth fresh is also important in Islam. Islam does not allow people to spend money on unnecessary fashion products only for fun. A woman should adopt fashion only to make her husband happy.

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