Why I Believe Christianity Is A True Religion?

on Sunday, September 22, 2013

Christianity as its name suggests originated from the message brought to man by Jesus Christ. His name literally means ‘Saviour Anointed’, but what is that religion exactly? It is described as the service or commitment to God. I believe Christianity is a true religion just as Islam, Judaism that is practiced with the same purpose are.

I would describe Christianity as an offshoot of Judaism, that is somewhat related to Islam. Islam and Judaism contain striking similarities that are found in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. History has shown that the three share identical roots because the common factor is Abraham and his offspring moving forward. The God of Abraham is Allah to the Muslims, and the same God to Christians.

In Christianity, the spiritual aspect is evident in the miracles performed by Jesus Christ. This one again proves especially to Christians that Jesus Christ was God the Son as He was described before and after. His conception was Immaculate, born of a virgin. Time and again we are given examples of miracles performed during His life and beyond. Another aspect of Christianity is that it has stood the test of time and followers attest to the benefits derived by subscribing to the faith.

Historical proof exists about the miracles performed by Jesus Christ as God the Son. Although other faiths may disagree with the status accorded to Jesus, evidence suggests that many were healed and fed in a manner that has not been replicated since then. His ability to command nature and spirits has also been mentioned in the Bible and the remedies against evil including how to avoid getting into the snare of the evil one. Every faith is faced with the challenge of good pitted against evil, and this is the cornerstone of Christianity.

Just like in Islam, prophecies do exist where parallels can be drawn from the Old Testament and Quran. This is an essential revelation of things to be in the future that both religions hold dear.

In my opinion, as a practicing Christian, I can attest to the fact that as a result of adhering to the Word of God, my life has changed for the better. As a teenager, I experienced what I would describe as a period of desolation where I had some serious doubts about religion. This came about as a result of the challenges I faced as an adolescent at home and within the society. Later on, I renewed my faith and things began to work out in my life.

As with any religion, the most important thing is the positive contribution that faith makes in your life. A person who is strong in his faith is better off than a non-believer. Most will achieve more in their lives at some point, and this is what makes me believe that Christianity is a true religion just like Islam and a variety of others. After all, it preaches tolerance and Christians are taught to respect other faiths. As long as followers are committed in service to God, despite being of different faiths, it does not make a difference. God is the Judge.

A religion that does not preach tolerance, cannot survive the test of time because it will lose its followers to other faiths that are more accommodating. All major faiths in the world today practice tolerance, and that is another key characteristic of a true religion.

The continuous commitment to improving the plight of the underprivileged, the sick and the needy all highlight the essential attributes of a true religion. Such are true Christian principles, and they go ahead to challenge the state on poverty alleviation and matters pertaining to corruption. These qualities touch on the most sensitive issues that affect mankind by providing guidance to politicians when they seem to be straying; the hallmarks of a true religion.

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