Are Muslims following Islam properly?

on Saturday, September 14, 2013

Islam was originated in the Seventh Century. Angel Jibraeel visited the last Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), and revealed the words of ALLAH to Muhammad (SAWW), and this continued 23 years. The teachings of Islam are to believe in ALLAH and all his Messengers. Believe in His Books, Angels, destiny and the Day of Judgment. These teachings are not enough for becoming a good Muslim. There are some rights of Muslims on their own Muslim brothers. He should remove all his difficulties. A Muslim should help his brother in his hard times. He should show kindness in return if his brother shows kindness to him. He should not harm him. He should be kind and never disgrace him. The Question here arises: Are the Muslims following teachings of Islam in 21st century?

We read Quran hardly once in a Month or once in a year in the month of Ramadan. We do not pray 5 times, and we have no reason why we do this? We are the ones who are not fulfilling their rights in a proper way. Muslims are killing their own Muslim brothers. (Terrorist) is the new word given to Muslims just because of some extremists who are killing innocent people through suicide bombings. Today, the condition of Muslims is worse. The main reason is that they are not following Islam properly.

In Pakistan, Muslims force their daughters for marriage, and they are abused physically and tortured mentally. Women are not given their rights as per Islamic teachings. Hundreds of people are killed daily and no one knows, why? Suicide bombings happen in Mosques and religious places, and no one says a word.

We are actually Muslims by chance. We are born in a Muslim family. We know how to recite Kalimah, and how to recite Quran and offer prayers. We think that’s enough for being a good Muslim. No, that’s not enough. We should follow the teachings according to Quran and Sunnah. Today, Muslims are divided in many other casts. Some are Wahabi so others are Deobandi. Some follow Imam Abu Hanifa, others follow Imam Shaafi, but no one follows Quran and Sunnah. All the Muslims do not represent Islam, and many of them don’t even know how to follow it. It is a high time for us to study more about Islam. We should clear our doubts and fallacies. The only reason Muslims are left behind is that we are not following Islam properly. ALLAH has promised that if Muslims will not follow Islam they will be nowhere.

If we will not follow Islam then we will be punished more than others  on the Day of Judgment because we have been given a complete religion, but we did not act upon it. If Muslims start to follow Islam properly, ALLAH will open the doors of success for them. They will get their position back, and they can rule the world. They will become honest, dedicated, and hardworking to their society. We have to realize that we are blessed with such a great religion, and we are the luckiest people. We should thank ALLAH for all His mercies, and we should learn more about Islam and follow it properly.

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