The Rulings of Islam on Homosexuality

on Thursday, September 19, 2013

Homosexuality is a phenomenon that goes against nature. God has created man for woman and woman for man, that is natural. However, men who are sexually attracted to men, or women who are attracted to women; this act is considered unnatural. It goes against the laws and rules of nature. Yes, it is true that love is blind, it knows no color, race, culture, but when we speak about gender, then there are rules. Islam has some pretty strict rulings on homosexuality and on those who engage in this act.

The reason why Homosexuality is disliked is because it has a lot of disadvantages. For starters, it destroys the institution of marriage, which is supposed to be between two people of different genders. Men and Women marry so that they can reproduce off springs. Men marrying men, or women marrying women disrupts this process. This is the second disadvantage that the institution of family is also affected by it.

Not only this, but homosexuality is also considered to come bearing many health risks. It is considered to be one of the leading causes for some of the most fatal and harmful diseases. Then it is also considered to be a disgrace for all those who are involved in it. Islam teaches men to be men, and women to be women, whereas homosexuality takes this away from them. It deprives a man of his manhood and a woman of her womanhood.

Islam views Homosexuality as an obscene act or an abnormality of sorts. It is a behavior pattern which is not normal. Islam also refers to this behavior as ‘amal qawm Lut’ which means the behavior of the people of Lut. The people of Lut were destroyed by Allah. The people were destroyed because they were involved in homosexual acts. As God’s Prophet, Prophet Lut, told his people to stop this as it is not in their favor, but they did not listen. They rejected his warnings, his messages and threw him out of the city. As a result, God destroyed the entire face as a consequence for their transgressions and disobedience.

Since we have established the fact that Homosexuality is considered as a huge sin in Islam, the next thing is what is the punishment for this?

Most people believe that nobody is born as a homosexual, so if he starts to get any urges, when he grows up, he should make an effort to change them. Muslim countries condemn homosexuality and homosexual behavior. The punishment varies; Some may give you some jail time, or even flogging, while other jurists might pass on a death penalty. Islam considers capital punishment only for such crimes which are considered to be hurting the society as a whole, and many Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen consider homosexuality in this category.

Homosexuality is unnatural, it is unhealthy and strictly forbidden in Islam.

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