Interior Minister of Egypt Survives Bombing

on Friday, September 6, 2013

Associated Press reported from Cairo, that a remotely controlled large scale explosive device hit the Minister Mohammad Ibrahim in Nasr City. This attack was carried out on convey of the minister injuring at least eight people including a child and two policemen, and damaging the Minister’s SUV and other four vehicles. The minister survived and fortunately there were no casualties.

The minister, talking to media after a couple of hours of the attack, said that his car was directly hit by possibly a remotely controlled device. He looked confident while talking to the state TV. He called it a heinous attempt. The blast was so powerful that it damaged several cars parked on the streets, shattered the window of nearby buildings, and the site was full of debris after the attack.

Police officials said that they are searching the culprits, but no arrest of suspects was made so far. No one claimed responsibility of the incident.

This city is considered to be a stronghold of Muslim Brotherhood, the party Mohammad Morsi belongs to. This was also the same place where hundreds of people died after the police attack on the Muslim Brotherhood’s protestors on August 14th. Morsi government was toppled in July by the military. A wave of sit-in protests was held all over the country, and supporters of Morsi threatened the military government to louche violent campaigns if Morsi was not reinstated. Muhammad Bedi’a Supreme Leader, Khairat El-Shatter, Muhammad Morsi and hundreds of their leaders and activists have been detained by the military backed government, and many of them were held in undisclosed locations.

This attack reminded the insurgency of 1980s and 90s done by the Islamists against autocrat Hosni Mubarak, now ousted. In those times, many attacks were carried out against the senior officials including the president himself. In Sinai Peninsula, a region of strategic importance bordering Israel and Gaza, the government of Egypt is fighting with the Islamists.

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