Why is Marriage Considered the Ultimate Security for Women ?

on Friday, September 6, 2013

“You’ll just turn into an old hag in your brother’s house.”

“The time that you’re desired for soon fades away with time.”

“People will picture with question marks at our young daughters for not getting married yet.”

Although you might just not be used to this statement, I am, just like the educated girls of mid-twenties, but still not married.

I still remember that I had the ‘big dream’ of studying at the topnotch college of the province after I passed my Matric exam. My dream turned into reality, and my parents were the ones who gave more light and water to the dream to make it come true.

In my area, the best education for girls is up to the level of the Matric or Intermediate level although I get the chance to exceed that, but this further education costs lots, starting from finance to security. The parents actually need to have the nerves and faith to send their daughters away, especially in a society like this where dignity begins and ends emphasizing on the girls’ issue. Basically, professional or educated women are looked at with the eye of less respect.

Gradually, I turned more confident, lively and determined along with being a graduate. My perspective took a positive picture with a ‘hungry ambition’ due to good education and teachers. A Chance for a vivid future is waiting for me, the dream that I and my parents saw together was to get a good job and acquire a scholarship for further education.

Alas, the hindrance is marriage proposals. Various suitors knocked for marriage, but I urged to take a little more time to complete education.

As parents get older, they get insecure and would force the girls to get married in an emotional way by showing ugly pictures of the outcome of a single woman along with mentioning the social tantrums. They try to convince that a girl’s ultimate job is to be a wife and mother instead of being professional or educated, they talk about how the society would start to think that there’s problem with the girl and education has spoiled her.

Soon, the girl gives up to the family’s wishes. I’ll start a new life as a married person and my ambitions and degrees will rot away in my home that I’ll leave behind. I’ll become everything but not what I desired to.

What is awful is that we can’t make our ways out of this typical social tantrums, we give up in the road to education, we think that one is secured only after being married.

Why don’t we trust the women’s ability to have their own identity from the professional aspect? Or why is someone just considered old at the age of 28 or 29 although both physically and biologically, she’s fine? We forget that education actually makes a woman better as both a wive and a mother.

Education doesn’t harm women or poison their minds. We should trust their visions, choices and judgments too.

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