How Today Muslims Have Changed?

on Saturday, September 7, 2013

A lot of Muslims think that Muslim Umah is not heading into the right direction, but it is quite easy to have a comment on other Muslim fellows about what they are doing and what they should actually be doing. As a part of Islamic society, every single Muslim has his part to play.

Islam is a religion that is quite flexible in every sense, but this flexibility does not mean that you should do whatever you want to do, the life should be in accordance with the teachings of Islam. Prophet (PBUH) himself demonstrated that how should one live their life in accordance with the will of Almighty Allah.

You hear people say that a lot of things have changed with the passage of time, but in my opinion; everything is the same except the behavior and approach of the Muslims. Unfortunately, you don’t often see people following the religion as they should be; the reason is that there are so many things to be done in knowing the religion. When you don’t take interest in knowing what your religion says, then how one can expect you to be a good Muslim.

The most common issue that is faced by Muslim Umah is that they don’t have any consensus at any point rather than most of the Ulema’s are always found to be pointing on other Ulema’s. There are different schools of thoughts in Muslims, each school has a conflict with the other ones. Muslim Umah is not guided with the true teachings of Islam in which there is a surety given to every Muslim by almighty Allah.

There are two directions from which every Muslim has to select one.One path that leads you to Heaven, and the other one that leads you to hell. It is obvious that when you do things against the teachings of Islam, you won’t get the guidance by Allah.The same happens with Muslim Umah in the present days as they are not involved in the practices for which they are sent for. Today Muslim wants to preach Islam to others, but he is not ready to adopt Islam. Most of the Muslims are not following the teachings of Islam and this activity of Muslims also disrupt the non Muslims from accepting Islam. A Muslims should represent his Religion in his actions. If a Muslims is doing anti-Islamic activities, then how will other non-Muslim accept Islam?

Therefore, now Muslims became a hindrance in the way of Islam’s  progress.

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