Consensus is What to be Required by Ulema’s

on Friday, September 6, 2013

As far as the teaching of Islam is concerned, it never stopped even after the Holy prophet (PBUH) as he emphasized upon the fact that Islam should prevail whatsoever. With the passage of time, there were many additions made by different Ulema’s that somehow affected the originality of Islamic ideology very badly. I consider myself a keen follower of Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab Najdi as he was the one who started the movement against shirk and bidat, but unfortunately, Abdul Wahab Najdi lost focus on the core issues that ultimately resulted in misconception about the Islamic ideologies.

Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab’s was getting immense appreciation from the Muslim Umah on his work when Muhammad bin Saud who was struggling to get any of the attention. Muhammad bin Saud decided to get affiliated with Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab. On the other hand, Abdul Wahab thought of having the platform to get the boost with affiliation with Muhammad bin Saud. Unfortunately, the alliance didn’t prove to be a good one as Wahabi Ulema’s got more loyal to the Saud dynasty. Ottoman caliphate foundations got weak by this step and Muslim Umah faced unimaginable loss. The situation got worse when Wahabi Ulema’s started talking against Ahnaaf, the idea was to defame the Ottoman ruler’s.

Unexpected help was provided by the nationalist movement to Wahabi Ulema’s as they were already plotting against the Ottoman Caliphate. I am not sure what makes Wahabi Ulema think that they can abolish Ottoman Caliphate, but I needed to ask few questions from the supporters of Wahabi Ulema’s.

  1. The Jewish state was formed as a result of a conspiracy in which a greater role was played by Wahabi Ulema’s. Can this fact be denied by anyone?
  2. Caliph Abdul Hameed needed a support which was never provided by the Wahabi Ulema’s. Why?
  3. Was there no way out to get reforms to the Ottoman rulers if they were not following the Islamic ideologies?
  4. A chance should have been given to the Caliphate rather than supporting the anti-Islamic movement, isn’t it right?
  5. Why the preference was given to Israel by knowing the fact that the Jews can never be friends of Muslims?

The disappointing fact is when Wahabi Ulema’s was used by the British against the Ottoman caliphate, they didn’t even realize that whatever they are doing against the teachings of Islam, the efforts of Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab’s are great to unite the Muslims of the whole world.

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