Important Things Egypt Can Learn from Pakistan

on Friday, September 6, 2013

It is a real fact that discussions over Egypt’s future became the most popular in the whole world. There are feelings of shock, anger, violence and grief everywhere across the globe. Now, the speed of work is very sluggish towards democracy in Egypt. The external forces are deciding which solutions can be offered to end this instability. Egypt should examine the condition of Pakistan for guidance because both countries have similar military coups, religious affairs, political upheavals and history. Therefore, Egypt can learn a good lesson from Pakistan situation.

The history of Pakistan shows that military coups don’t work. It is a known fact that more than half of Pakistan’s history was spent under the rule of coups. The key objective of military is to work as an institution and protect the nation. There is no place for coups in governments. Most of the generals don’t know something about consensus, debate, discussion and table talk. Therefore, the occupation of government by coups means trouble and unrest.

If you want to know about whether recent crisis in Egypt is due to the military coup or not, you should look again at Pakistan’s history, you will find that there was no change and improvement in any sector. In Pakistan, the most oppressive military rule started in the 70s.

  • You can’t suppress democracy:

This is most likely for those people endeavoring to support the later savagery in the trust of more benefits. Then again, vote-based system as an arrangement of administration can just be made through compromise, bargains, talks and any endeavor to utilize devices of brutality to ‘work towards’ majority rule government will be purposeless.

  • Selective democracy is the best:

Utilizing religious and ethnic channels, to verify which assemblies can and can’t be part of the ‘democratic’ structure, will just bring further breaking down of the nation’s social fabric. The arrangement of administration may as well plan to carry diverse individuals and ideas together instead of sidelining them. Taking a gander at Pakistan, one can perceive how marginalizing diverse political and religious bunches from the standard political methodology brought their radicalization and headed them inevitably to utilize savagery as intends to realize their political aspiration.

  • Think twice before attacking an elected government:

The dismissal of an elected government results in impatience, incompetence and corruption. The ending of an elected government always causes instability. It is an evident that the previously stated proclamations have their impediments as the two nations don’t offer the same socio-political points of view. Nonetheless, being Muslim states, and additionally having comparable populace profiles, the lessons which Pakistan offers from its beautifully turbulent political history can be of much assistance for Egypt as it is the right time of flimsiness.

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