The Islamic Culture and Our Failure to Follow it

on Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Islam is the religion of Muslims that preaches oneness of Allah who is the creator of this entire Universe. There is no God except Him. If you believe in the oneness of Allah and his last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), then you enter into the circle of Islam. Islam is the most pious religion, and it’s the one and only true religion of this universe.

Like all religions, there are some believes and traditions of Islam. The Islamic culture is way different from the rest cultures. This culture is being practiced in all the Muslim countries. The customs and traditions of Muslims are totally different. Everything the Muslims are supposed to do is guided with their religion. The Quran is the holy book of the Muslims which they recite daily. It mentions the details of all aspects of life, and it tells us how to live our life.

According to Islam, men should grow their beards and women should wear Hijab. Muslims are not allowed to listen to music, sing songs or get involved in any activity that is against their religion. There is no relationship of a male and female before marriage. A female can only come in front of her brother, husband and father without Hijab. All other men can not see her.

Islamic culture also teaches humanity and doing good deeds. These deeds are your only way to heaven.  However, seeing the modern today, the Islamic values are ignored on a massive note. That is why many of Muslims are going to the phase of destruction.  People were selfless before, but now materialism is found in every individual, and nobody cares for anyone except for himself. Females have the freedom to work side by side with men.

The dressing of females, as well as, males is changed due to many societal diseases that are spreading. Women are allowed to go out of home without Hijab, and there is no restriction from the family’s side too.

Islam teaches respect for elders and love for little ones, but most of the Muslims go against this practice. The western culture is overcoming most of the values of Islam. Muslims are not the same as they used to be. There is less love and respect for one another in heart.

Many Muslims are getting into relationships with non-Muslims which is not allowed in Islam. The crudity coming from the west ruined the young generation. Even the societies in some Muslim countries today became like the western world, so you cannot recognize they are Muslims. Although Allah is going to accept you with a pure heart, but if Muslims are going to adopt western culture and forget our values and say we are modernized, then that’s not going to make us successful in the life hereafter. The world is going to end soon, do you think you have enough good deeds to make you to go heaven?

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